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```What the jimminy crickets did you just flaming say about me, you little bozo? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Cub Scouts, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret camping trips in Wyoming, and I have over 300 confirmed knots. I am trained in first aid and I’m the top bandager in the entire US Boy Scouts (of America). You are nothing to me but just another friendly face. I will clean your wounds for you with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this annual trip, mark my words. You think you can get away with saying those shenanigans to me over the Internet? Think again, finkle. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of MSN friends across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the seminars, man. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your bake sale. You’re frigging done, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can tie knots in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in road safety, but I have access to the entire manual of the United States Boy Scouts (of America) and I will use it to its full extent to train your miserable butt on the facts of the continents, you little schmuck. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your silly tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goshdarned sillyhead. I will throw leaves all over you and you will dance in them. You’re friggin done, kiddo.```
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Why Customer Service Is The Backbone Of Every Business
Customers are the backbone of any business and if you manage to keep them satisfied it is very likely that your business will witness new heights of success. The primary goal of any business strategy should revolve around identifying and addressing the needs of the customers. Customer service is the core of any business which aims at providing extraordinary service that overwhelms the customer with a feeling of respect and value. Although ensuring best customer services require time and cost, but at the same time, it maintains a positive outlook of your company. It shows that you care for the customers during their relationship with the company. Quality customer service helps you stand out of the crowd which makes you visible to future customers. Your positive reputation in the market encourages customers to purchase more goods and to bring new customers. Customer service is also a helpful tool in retaining customers. It is a known fact that bringing a new customer is much more expensive than retaining an old customer. It increases customer loyalty and increases the generation of revenue with their help. When you manage to satisfy an existing customer, he will bring in more customer through positive word of mouth. According to research around 60% of organizations deems customer service to their top option while designing their business strategy. Well established brands around the world have recognized the importance of customer services. They know that a happy customer is very important for a brand. The job of client support is reliant on the kind of industry; be that as it may, its essential thought process continues as before which is to address client issues. Next time you choose to plan a business system to write my essay free on the advantage of client support, you should give importance to the customer.
Economic Development Committee
A metropolitan region comprises of a densely populated urban area and less populated surroundings all sharing housing, industry and infrastructure. It encompasses several municipalities and jurisdictions which include; cities, townships, districts, states, counties, exurbs and neighborhoods. Metropolitan areas comprise of one urban area or more, towns, satellite cities and prevailing rural areas tied socio-economically to the urban core. In simple terms, it combines an urban center with the surrounding territories that are bound together by employment or trade. The main purpose of creating a metropolitan area is to ensure there is improved management of public policies that are of communal interest to all the cities involved. There is an economic development committee in each metropolitan whose work is to pay attention to neighborhood concerns such as planning, zoning, public housing, economic development, township administration, land use and code compliance. This committee is in charge of economic development, which means good living standards and a stable economy for the people. The economic development committee deals with the issues described next. Local and Regional Economic Development Incentives The main aim of economic development incentives is to bring growth in metropolitan areas, creating new jobs, developing infrastructure and still generate tax revenues. These incentives are offered by local, state, and federal governments. It is the duty of the committee to dictate the means to provide their development. These incentives include financial assistance in terms of loans, tax incentives, industrial revenue bond and development in infrastructure. The economic development committee can decide which areas need new investment to reduce the poverty levels and which infrastructure is first to put up. Some cities end up facing budget deficits, thus experiencing slow growth; the committee decides whether to increase taxes or to reduce staff. It may further advise the government to reduce tax liability for a certain period with no expectations of repayment. This lost revenue will be covered by creation of new jobs in that area. The committee discusses the wellbeing of the community, and it reasons that engaging in economic development practices can lead to economic growth of the community. These activities include; involving other local governments when planning for economic development, giving economic assistance to other small communities, developing a workforce for low-income workers, offering training to local business people, increasing taxes to finance infrastructure and giving subsidized loans to businesses. Land Use and Planning Land is a main resource for economic development, and without it economic development is slowed because there would be limited opportunities for business investments and employment. In most metropolitan regions, there is little vacant land suitable for development. The small vacant lands are unfit for usage due to aspects such as, shape, location and size. Land prices are on the increase due to the limited availability of land. The issue that metropolitan leadership is facing is whether to intervene to make land available in the market place for development. It has the power to assemble and acquire land for development, and it is the duty of the economic development committee to decide under what circumstances the land should be acquired. There is also the government’s duty to plan for the land use in their region; it plans for the community’s need and, at the same time, safeguards the natural resources. Land planning is exercised in order to advance the people’s welfare as well as that of their community through the creation of equitable, healthy, convenient and attractive environments for future and present generations. Infrastructure Infrastructure includes water, power, telecommunication, irrigation, sanitation and transport sectors, which have an impact on economic development. Where there is good infrastructure, there is reduced cost of production, resulting in attractive prices for goods in international markets. Once the goods are purchased, they bring foreign exchange, which is an advantage to the particular metropolitan region. It is therefore the government’s duty in conjunction with the development committee to ensure that there is proper and adequate infrastructure at all times. Development in infrastructure such as improved transport and health status increases the economic incomes to labor. Furthermore, proper infrastructure improves the quality of life through provision of amenities such as clean water and proper sanitation. The existence of such services provides access to education and jobs resulting in raised labor productivity. Diseconomies Associated with Economic Development Diseconomies of scale are influences that make the government and other firms to produce products at an increased cost per-unit. It is claimed that if they are not in existence, then there is no limit to the growth and size of a firm. Diseconomies of scale include bureaucratic insularity, communication distortion, incentive limits of employment and atmospheric consequences. When firms expand, there is increased specialization and less commitment by employees. In such cases, employees will have difficulty in understanding the sole purpose of corporate activities and the contribution they make and this will result in alienation of the employees. On bureaucratic insularity, when firms increase in size the accountability of senior managers to the lower organization ranks decreases. This presents a chance for them to benefit personally rather than concentrate on the company’s performance. Putting the incentives into consideration, it is evident that large firms offer limited incentives to their employees. This may have an effect on executive positions and hence making large companies disadvantaged in comparison to the smaller ones where employees are rewarded for the success of the firm. Communication distortion occurs where additional hierarchical layers are required because information passes through many people and ends up distorted. This, in turn, leads to poor decision making by executives since they do not have the real facts. It is therefore the government’s duty together with the economic development committee, to introduce incentives dictating the maximum size to which a firm should increase. Economic Development and Revenue Increases The government uses taxes paid by citizens for government services and to finance them. In situations where the government can finance its spending outside taxation, the following is observed; when tax rate increases productivity declines because people will work less. In the real sense, when there is increased revenue, there is room for economic development. The government can use the collected revenue to finance infrastructure in the region and bring new developments like construction of schools and hospitals. Increase in tax further affects foreign investment as increase in tax will lead to a decrease in foreign investment; this is a negative impact on economic development. Economic Development and the Environment Economic growth and development increase the quality of life for countless people, but with a price of negative consequences on the environment. Natural resources, which are land, air, and water, are facing degradation at an alarming rate. In addition to that, environmental factors such as air pollution, exposure to toxic chemicals and waterborne diseases put the health of many people at risk. Low-income earning regions are vulnerable to environmental hazards like global climate changes. The more a region’s economic development increases the more pollution it causes to the environment. For example, the establishment of many industries means there is increase in development. The problem is that these industries will end up causing air and water pollution. Water pollution is caused by emission of organic pollutants originating from industrial activities. The economic development committee aids the government in enacting rules that prevent severe pollution of the environment. Use of Economic Advisory Committees and Commissions The advisory committee’s duties are to advise director of economic development and the city council on matters concerning economic development in the region. It serves to facilitate the tasks of all economic development groups within the city. It enriches the relationship between them. It further communicates with the community on issues regarding economic development, redevelopment projects and affordable housing. Lastly, it recommends programs that help in stimulating business activities, retention and expansion of existing businesses. Economic development is very essential in any region since people’s standards of living are improved. A city may engage in various activities like setting up new industries and improving infrastructure for proper economic development. However, as these operations are carried out, some may not be healthy and the need for an economic development committee arises. For example, foreign investors may desire to build a factory in a certain area in the city; it is the duty of the committee to show them where they can build and if not to give them the reasons. Cities experience environmental pollution and therefore the committee enacts laws which prevent severe pollution. The committee ensures fair utilization of government revenue through projects involving improvement of infrastructure. In situations when a certain firm desires to expand its business, it has to consult with the committee first to determine if it will present positive competition. The committee also intervenes on the areas that are lagging behind economically to be given special consideration such as more investments and reduction of taxes for some time. The committee works hand in hand with the government, thus ensuring smooth running of the metropolitan regions. Erika Hall, is an experienced writer at a leading writing agency She loves a bit of adventure while traveling. The experience she gains in trips gives her the inspiration to write sparkling essays for students all over the world.
Tips to overcome Academic Procrastination
Do you put off your projects until last minute? Do you submit your assignments in the nick of time? Do you feel stressed due to academic pressures and deadlines? Don't worry; this is the story of every other student. Academic procrastination is the most common form of procrastination, and it prevails among all the college and school students. If you want to know how to overcome it, keep on reading. Get Organized First thing first, organize yourself. Use organizing tools such as planners, calendars and timetables to keep track of your deadlines so that you don't miss any. This will allow managing, exams, assignments and other stuff. Set Goals Don't ever make a mistake to put off thing still last minute, break all your work into small manageable goals. Smaller tasks are easy to manage and makes a daunting task easy to complete. Time Management Remember, “You May Delay, Time Will Not!” Set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Use timelines to manage time wisely. Doing things in last minute increases stress, and the outcome is poor performance. Distractions! Stay Away! It is of crucial importance to keep all the distractions away. Make sure to choose a calm place to study because concentration is the first thing you need. Get Tough Things Done First The hard task is something that pushes everything back. But once you do it, it's over. Sometimes you may get stuck in the tough task. Don’t keep pushing that hard essay back, ask a professional to write my essay for me. Stay Motivated Academic goals are important. Remember you don't want to get embarrassed in front of teachers and parents. Put maximum efforts in studies and remind yourself that this won’t go forever. All Work and No Play, Makes Jack a Dull Boy Take time out to enjoy with friends. You don't have to do hard work; smart work is all you need. Take your time to enjoy along with studies, but you don't have to affect your studies. Good Luck!
Diagnosing the Digital Revolution: Why It's so Hard to Tell If Technology Is Changing Us
Alison Gopnik has written an article analyzing why it is hard to know the effects technology is having on us. The purpose of the paper is to create awareness about digital revolution. The main aim is to impress readers by proving that Sherry Turkle in the book Alone Together is wrong in her analysis of technology. The audience is the parents, little children, and, especially, the young teenagers. The author has used a dramatic tone for the audience to get the message that it is hard to tell whether technology is changing us or not. The paper provides a rhetorical analysis of Alison Gopnik's article entitled Diagnosing the Digital Revolution: Why It Ss so Hard to Tell If Technology Is Changing Us. One easily misses Gopnik’s provocative nature in his article because of her reasoned and calm academic demeanor. The question whether software, robots, and automation can really replace humans seems obvious as analyzed by Turkle. However, this view is controversial and troubling. She believes that the rapid technological changes tremendously destroy jobs as opposed to creating them. The article uses an ethos and dictions to oppose Turkle’s book about technology. It presents a story of a girl who has grown using her device since the age of 2 years. It has transported her brain to another alternative universe. The author depicts how the girl used to smuggle the device in school by the age of 7. By the age 15, it was more vital than her adolescent life. The girl got addicted to the device, she valued it more than her life, and she would stay up until late night browsing. Upon growing up, the device had dominated everything she did, and she could not do anything without its help. Neuroscientists affirmed that large parts of the girl’s brain had been co-opted by the device. This article analyses why it is hard for people to understand how new technologies are affecting young people using anecdotal evidence. The anecdotal evidence calms that technology like the use of robots is threatening jobs not only in the US but everywhere. Technologies have reshaped the way people live, corrupting their minds and changing societies. The print changed the way people do things, and so did the telegraph. But the internet today is changing everything and affecting young people’s interaction. Technology, tends to provide easy access to the unprecedented amount of information. However, some scientists have argued that constant distractions and interruptions make people become scattered and superficial thinkers. In the article, Alison Gopnik has used the analysis of the book Alone Together by Sherry Turkle, who has been chronicling how the digital revolution has impacted people over the last 20 years. Turkle in her book focuses on two world developments in technology which are the internet communication and social robots. She has conducted interviews with children and teenagers for her to understand and get their feelings regarding technology. Some individuals have argued that the internet makes people smarter while others argue that it makes people dumber. By using arguments of Sherry Turkle, the author of the article makes it reliable as Sheer Turkle is a sensitive interviewer who is also an elegant writer. Furthermore, her book has been widely accepted by the world because it has captured the ambivalence and anxiety that children, adolescents, and some adults are feeling about new digital developments. She has concluded that anxieties are justified as the robots and the web will probably have bad effects on the psychology of humans. Turkle in her book argues that technology is seductive because the things it offers meet our human vulnerabilities. She argues that digital connections and the societal robot may offer the illusion of companionship without friendship demands. It means that our networked life has allowed us to hide from one another. Turkle says some people would rather text as opposed to calling. The tasks performed by the computer have increased significantly and some studies have indicated that these tasks can increase people’s visual literacy skills. However, some researches have established contrary findings and have indicated that shifting focus to these new tasks results in less rigorous and more automatic thinking. Ethos, Logos, and Pathos Gopnik's article’s ultimate goal is persuading the audiences to disagree with Sherry Turkle’s views on digital revolution. The author says that such views are incorrect and her views are to be accepted. The audience is persuaded by Alison Gopnik as she has demonstrated credibility in her work and has an ethical appeal in her article. It is called the ethos of an argumentative essay where the author is supposed to persuade the reader that the information is worth being believing or listening to. Gopnik uses pathos in appealing to the reader’s emotions whereby her choice of language affects the audience’s emotional response; she uses it in enhancing her views and arguments. Moreover, Alison Gopnik has used logos where she demonstrates some logic to persuade the audience to reason with her. She has used effective ways to support her evidence in the article, and the article has what is called argument's logical appeal. Arguments The experts argue that in the modern society, life is dictated by wanting to develop mechanisms and technologies that find solutions constantly developing complex problems. Over the last decades, humans have dedicated their lives to find suitable solutions. They have converged their abilities and knowledge through concurrent and continuous exposure to and immersion in media, information, and communication technologies. As argued by the author, the use of the internet is characterized by issues such as distractions and interruptions that interfere with the concentration and learning. People are treating minor variations on the nature of humans as if they threaten psychological revolutions. They are worried that people will have to interact with non-human simulacra such as robots. They argue that people might lose themselves in worlds that are imaginary like second life. The majority of young children, after all, communicate with imaginary companions and creatures extensively, and these are more elusive that the robots as they do not exist at all. Discussion The digital revolution is bringing more harm than good, and the author is right that people do not understand the effects it has on their children. People experience distractions from the studded links that tend to make the readers comprehend less as compared to those who read traditional texts such as textbooks. It has also been argued that people who watch busy multimedia presentations remember less as compared to those who are subjected to a provision of information from other tradition presentations. The distractions, may also come in the form of emails, alerts, and other messages which affect concentration of the individuals. People's brains are not in a position to forge the strong and expansive neural connection that gives depth and distinctiveness to people thinking. The social media have impacted the way people do things and has ushered far reaching effects that were perhaps not anticipated in its inception. Moral decadence of users is likely outcome especially when the social media are used by young people. It may have ripple effects on their education and general development. The increased use of the internet has revolutionized the way people interact with one another finding it as an easier way of doing things. This revolution, as argued by Sherry Turkle, has both positive and negative effects. The author has strategically used a dramatic tone and anecdote evidence to convey her message to the readers. After reading the article one is really convinced with her view and ideas. About the author: Helga Marselos, the blogger and a writer at
How To Learn A New Language At Home
I've been trying to improve my French recently, and came across these awesome YouTubers called DamonandJo. They have self-taught themselves nearly 6 languages! I believe they speak French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, German, and of course English! You can either watch the video above (which I suggest cause they have the BEST sense of humor) or check out their tips below: 1. Follow Famous YouTubers in the language you want to learn! There are tons of youtubers in other languages, and often if they are famous enough, there will be english subtitles. Listen to them to hear real people speaking the language rather than a text book! They're usually super entertaining too so it helps :) 2. Follow those YouTubers or famous people on twitter so you see that language each day! The easiest way to get used to a foreign language is to see it all the time and this really helps! 3. Change your phone/facebook/etc language to your desired language! Since you probably already know where everything is in your phone or facebook, you wont be confused and you'll learn a ton of new vocab! 4. Listen to audio books in the language you want!!! Audible has a ton of foreign language books. Try starting with a book you already know well (like Harry Potter for me - I'm trying to read that in Korean right now...) and listen throughout your day! 5. Sign up for foreign magazines or newsletters! Or even better download their app in another language! For example, my boyfriend gets push notification from Le Monde which is a french newspaper :) Even if you only read the headline, its practice. 6. Try cooking a meal using a recipe in a different language! You start to learn that a lot of words you actually already know (for example, sauté means the same thing in french and in korean bokkeum (like bokkeumbap) means fried! so literally "fried rice!" 7. Watch TV shows in the language Duh!!!! 8. Talk to yourself and dont be afraid! Practice speaking whenever you can, even to people who are strangers! be brave! What languages are you trying to learn?!
The Unforgettable Hike
Since I am young and still in high school, many people would contend that I am yet to experience what life has to offer. However, I disagree. I consider myself lucky to have the opportunity of documenting a remarkable experience at a young age, which I am sure will forever remain in my memories: my first climb to the mountains. Those, who have ever taken a hike to the mountains, would attest to the excitement. It follows when one is about to reach the top. In most cases, it happens during the first time when you are unaware of how it is going to unravel or what to expect. Before the maiden mountain hike, I was more comfortable in my home settings, my friends, and my hometown. I had no difficulty spending several months in my town. Sometimes, weeks would pass without going beyond my block. With a cable TV service having National Geographic and Discovery channels, all my needs for adventure were somewhat satisfied. It was my belief that no real difference existed between seeing something with one’s own eyes and watching it on TV. All these changed last year when my friends developed an idea to go hiking in the Western Carpathian Mountains. Although I was reluctant to the idea, the finally managed to convince me to accompany them on their trip. The Western Carpathian Mountains are not overly high when compared to other giant mountains. At about 4500 high, they are almost similar to hills. Nevertheless, for a rookie hiker, this was a big feat. Since this was first time hiking, I was looking in all directions. Unluckily, for most of the time, the weather was foggy, and visibility worsened as we climbed higher. Nevertheless, the hike was still enjoyable. The experience of being in the wild with a backpack, knife and a flashlight was fulfilling. It was unimaginable that I used to see this life on TV but somehow, I was experiencing it firsthand. After climbing for about one hour, we came across a stream. With no doubt, the water from it was the tastiest water I have ever drunk in my life. The water smelt soil and moss and had some subtle sweetness. Coupled with clean and fresh air, the experience was stunning. The fact that we were miles away from civilization provided with an opportunity to appreciate the marvels of nature. As we climbed higher, the density of the forest reduced while shrubs increased. I could also notice a change in the ground soil, which was more of clay. It increased the difficulty of climbing as we kept slipping. The further we climbed, the steeper the slopes become, and the more branches of shrubs and stones cover the ground. After hours of climbing, we reached the top without even realizing due to the fog and clouds. Notwithstanding the excitement, I had a feeling of disappointment since I expected to have a panoramic view from the top and perhaps take a couple of pictures as evidence of my experience. Just when we about to descent, the sun emerged from the clouds, and the intensity of the fog and clouds reduced significantly. The scenery below was breathtaking and memorable. The sight of green valleys, distant river, mountain ridged and cliffs was incredible. The excitement was further compounded by the fact that I was seeing them with naked eyes and not on TV as I was used to. Though the sun only lasted for about 10 minutes, those five minutes were an experience of a lifetime. At that time, it dawned on me that I needed such encounters more frequently. Despite the hardship that we encountered throughout the hike, the experience was fulfilling. I learned that the journey to the top is not always rosy, but when you endure and ultimately reach the top, the feeling is satisfying. My legs were hurting in the next few days, but just the thought of being on top was enough to wash away the physical pain. Walton Hall, is an experienced writer at a leading writing agency EssayElites He loves a bit of adventure while traveling. The experience he gains in trips gives him the inspiration to write sparkling essays for students all over the world.
Assignment Orders
I am not a lawyer, I am a Judgment and Collections Broker. This article is my opinion, based on my experience in California, and laws vary in each state. If you ever need legal advice or a strategy to use, please contact a lawyer. What if your judgment debtor does not have a regular wage job, and gets paid by customers, relatives, renters or tenants, or most anyone else? An assignment order might be the right (although the paperwork is intensive) way to try to satisfy your judgment. This article covers Assignment Orders (AOs) in California. It is very important to know your state laws, and if and how assignment orders are allowed. Wait don't want to read this complete boring article well then i would like to tell you a professional website that you should use to hire a custom assignment writing service provider then you should visit academic writing pro. Assignment orders are (noticed motion) court orders that require a new hearing, and must be served on the other parties. AOs may be able to capture most kinds of (current and future) non-wage income streams. Because AOs are lawful alternatives to conventional levies, you do not (in California) need to get a writ of execution. Unlike regular levies, the money often gets turned over directly to you. In some places, the court may require the sheriff to be the levying officer. If that is the case, you will need to have a registered process server open a sheriff levy file, and then have the AO served on the parties, and then file the proofs of service with the sheriff. Assignment orders can capture most distributions, commissions, and almost any kind of K-1 income. If approved by a court, an AO instructs someone that owes money to your judgment debtor, to pay you instead of the judgment debtor. Assignment orders are most useful when a debtor receives (non-exempt and non-retirement-based) income. Assignment orders may work, even when the debtor claims they are poor, because income is income. (Most truly poor debtors do not have income streams.) Assignment orders can last as long as it takes to satisfy the judgment. Like most court orders and judgments, nothing is guaranteed. The judgment debtor could file for bankruptcy protection. Other things may happen to thwart any enforcement action or strategy. In theory, assignment orders for non-exempt income, can ask for all of the income, not just 25% of the income, as most wage levies (garnishments) can reach. If the judgment is small, or the debtor is rich, ask for 50-100%. If the judge does not think your proposed order is reasonable, compromise and aim for 25%. (Because CCP 708.510-f seems to be very similar to CCP 706.050.) If the debtor is not rich, it may be smarter to ask for a percentage, instead of all of their income stream. In judgment enforcement, being too aggressive could increase the chance that the judgment debtor will file for bankruptcy protection. Usually, judges do not rubber-stamp approvals on assignment orders for creditors. When the creditor clearly shows a synopsis of why an assignment order is appropriate, then a judge may approve their proposed order. You could document why you have no other reasonable way to enforce the judgment. You could also document any prior court-endorsed expenses and attempts that did not satisfy the judgment. Assignment orders can also be used to reach income originating from other judgments, when your debtor is the creditor. An AO can order the debtor of your debtor to pay you instead of them (or the sheriff). Again, consider asking for a percentage. The first step for any AO is learning who is paying your judgment debtor. A debtor exam, could subpoena enough judgment debtor documentation and information, to learn who to serve assignment orders to. Some debtors will pay, when their clients call them, and ask what is going on? Assignment orders can be general, and not list specific names. They can say "25% of all monies due to the judgment debtor from clients he performs accounting services for". Then, you can serve the assignment order on whoever pays the debtor, including any of their new clients you later discover, after the assignment order is issued. Another general example would be "The tenant residing at 22 First Street will pay you". That way, if the tenant moves and someone new moves in, you can have the same assignment order served on the new tenant. If the judge will not allow a generic order, you can find out who is renting, one legal way or another. Sometimes, after being served an assignment order, the third parties still pay the judgment debtor instead of you. Even if they mistakenly pay the judgment debtor, they still owe you that payment. It is good practice to get certified copies of the AO, to quickly serve on parties and/or their lawyers, so they cannot claim they did not believe it to be genuine. As with any courts hearings - with AOs; obeying court rules, state laws, and a substantial paperwork load is required. Often, 5-6 parts (usually in 5-6 documents) are required. For example, an Assignment Order, (an optional) Restraining Order, a Memorandum of Points and Authorities, a Motion, a Notice of Motion (or Entry of Order), and Proofs Of Service, that are filed with the court. The Notice of Motion (Entry of Order) and the Motion (Order) are sometimes combined into one document. You need to make several copies of all documents, schedule a hearing date at the court, and have the judgment debtor served everything. In California, CCP 708.510 specifies the debtor can be served by mail. Bring the proof of service to the court, and appear at the court hearing. If your order is granted, serve a copy of the order on the judgment debtor by mail, and the parties that will be paying you by mail first. If they do not respond, contact them politely, and if necessary, have them re-served personally.