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SHINee's Jonghyun has to erase his abs for Sherlock photoshoot!
on SBS Power FM‘s ‘Boom’s Young Street‘ revealing behind-the-scenes story regarding Jonghyun‘s “Sherlock” photo. Boom asked the guys, “Do you have any secrets in regards to the use of CG on the pictures?” MCs asked, to which the boys replied, “Instead of just showing our body, we had a concept in mind so we used bright lights to hide any muscles and bring out our body lines. Jonghyun actually had so much muscles that we had to erase them with CG effects. Jonghyun’s body is pretty much like the characters in ‘Dragon Ball‘.” which caused the entire studio to laugh
hahha this is the most hilarious thing i have ever heard!! LOL poor jonghyun... he must have been sad >_< LOL
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hahahahahaha cute
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