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Gas hoses are connected to the gas regulators. Gas hoses are the tubes that help you join regulators to various appliances and gas cylinders. Gas hoses are an important and vulnerable part of gas installation. Gas hoses and regulator comes with the gas connection which we get from LPG distributor. There are two different types of gas hoses. They are · High-pressure hose and · Low-pressure hose High-Pressure hose- High-Pressure hoses come factory-fitted. They are sold as an assembly. We can join the high-pressure hoses to the low-pressure appliances. But we can’t do it vice versa. High-pressure hoses should meet the IBS standard. It requires a double-walled reinforced hose which also has a covering in either black or orange. Both types of hoses should have IBS standard number, manufacturing date, and manufacturer name on it. High-pressure hoses are used in gas torches, warehouse heaters, large barbeques, grain dryers, etc. High-pressure hoses should be manufactured with built-in connectors and the hose should not be more than one meter long. They may be also made with stainless steel. They are known as armored hoses, which will work very long. Low-Pressure hose- Low-pressure hose must be orange or black. They are secured with worm drive clips. These hoses don’t have to be reinforced just like high-pressure hoses. These hoses are used in appliances where there is relatively low heat output. Low pressure does not come with connectors. You’ll need to be extra careful with it. Always buy the best hose you can from your LPG distributor, which you can afford. Do not get a second-hand hose to use. It may lead to a gas leak. You can get both types of hoses from the nearest LPG Distributorship.