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Montblanc is counting on Korea’s top actor Lee Byung Hun‘s elegant, masculine charisma and cool smile to attract buyers to its signature cologne ‘Legend.” Check out the actor in the brand’s inviting black-and-white ads!
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ohhhhhh it's a girlllll thing.
4 years ago·Reply
@vngleberry ..sorry, but he's really great actor, are you see iris?, just try to see this serie , he got the male role, and he's doing really good.
4 years ago·Reply
it's not a girl thing, I know how appreciate a good work, for a good actor.
4 years ago·Reply
...well i guess i haven't seen enough of mr. lee
4 years ago·Reply
@vngleberry …awwww … what you crushing a gals heart for … lmao … he's pretty decent in IRIS … n not too bad in RED either … n really really easy on the eyes shirtless … what say @tyta468 … hahhahahaha … :D
4 years ago·Reply