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Which team will finish first in the race for mediocrity? Football is always fun because teams never tank like in the NBA. The Texans are currently in the lead but they do have a cupcake schedule the rest of the way. The 3-9 teams are not far behind and a matchup consisting of the Texans vs. Jaguars may end up deciding who gets the #1 pick next year! 1. Houston Texans (2-10) 2. Atlanta Falcons (3-9) 3. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9) 4. Washington Redskins (pick owned by St. Louis Rams) (3-9) 5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9) 6. Minnesota Vikings (3-8-1)
I would be very surprised if it wasn't the Jaguars or Bucs
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Houston's lost 10 straight though
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