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Eun Sang cries as she thinks about her times with Tan, and the flashbacks are stronger when she hangs up her Jeguk uniform and I Heart California shirt on the clothesline. Meanwhile, Tan is on his way to the town where Eun Sang's been hiding. When he arrives, he runs through the neighborhood, desperately scouring for her. He suddenly stops when he sees Eun Sang's I Heart California shirt hanging from afar. He holds his breath, discerning a figure from behind the clothes. Eventually, Eun Sang emerges, and Tan seems conflicted about his next move. He turns his back, processing the moment and gathering his thoughts. Eun Sang walks to the beach and some time later, Tan follows her. She sits, deeply pensive, while he keeps his distance, watching her and heavy thoughts weighing on him. He takes a hesitant step forward, clearly wanting to go to her, but he stops himself and turns back. Eun Sang never knew he was there.
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oh my god I want to cry in these sign I haven't watched it ...I hope it won't be late tonight