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This is a really cool video put together by McLean Fahnestock. It is hard to really get a look at an individual launch but it is pretty beautiful the way they all sync up.
That's an awesome video! I'll always miss the Shuttle; it was just such an amazing piece of technology.
Ahhhhhh! So cooool!!!! Sorry, I'm kinda spazzing out over here. Very cool post!
@styleisking at this point there will not be this type of video in 40 years. NASA has completely cancelled its shuttle program and it does not look like there will be funding for them to start another one. I think we are moving into an age where private companies, like SpaceX and Moon Express, will be the face of our space exploration. As a sidenote, SpaceX just successfully launched a $100 million satellite into orbit and Moon Express is working on the United State's first "soft moon landing" in 40 years
Moving video. Makes you wonder what kind of video we will have in 40 years...
That is a sick video! it is almost in sync though all the different vids I mean