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Russia wants Order In Ukraine
In typical Russian form, Dmitry Medvedev called for stability and order in Ukraine. Russia sees its neighbor as a key strategic partner and former member of the USSR. As I have written before, Russia does not want Ukraine growing closer to the EU.
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they're obsessed with nothing changing
4 years ago·Reply
I find it interesting that they are actively talking about order and such in a former USSR country, but when it comes to other countries like say, Syria, for example, we need to mind our own business and let them handle things. Interesting..
4 years ago·Reply
Well I think in every case every country wants order. Now, Ukraine isn't relevant to the US interests
4 years ago·Reply
I was talking more from Russia's point of view, but I agree. I hope Ukraine can stabilize and am all for them being a stable country and helping if we can. "We," being the USA.^^
4 years ago·Reply
I think the US needs to keep to ourselves for a few years, no?
4 years ago·Reply