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ES talking to Dad : I still like Tan and that hasn’t change. Dad talking to ES: how come a youngster has no fear? ES talking to DAd : I will not see him since you don’t want me to. KimTan talking to Won : when do I go to the U.S? Won : : Even though you act this way nothing will change in this house. KT talking to KWon: Please help me. I don’t know who but someone: they’re on their way to the hospital. Hurry and go! KT talking to Dad: You abandon mom….. From now on I’ll look after mom. DAd : In what way are you going to take care of your mom? KT talking to Dad : By saying goodbye to you. YD talking to ES: Goodbye lets never see each other again…. I’m dumping you right now. ESang : we we’re blinded by each other but will I be able to forget about you?