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I posted a similar image a few weeks ago, but it was of the ISS in front of the moon. This one is equally as impressive. There is a debate about what the other spot is. Most people say it is a sunspot but there are others who think it is the space shuttle, Atlantis
I'm pretty sure that spot is a sunspot. Anyway, that's an amazing photograph.
@styleisking It looks like a sunspot to me too. I have read people's opinions going both ways which is why I mentioned both
That is one amazing image. I heard though that it was conclusively a sunspot. @Jayman what do you think it was?
It is the international space station*. but it is not actually directly in front of the sun, it was passing by through our sky and someone was able to snap this picture. In reality, if the ISS was in front of the sun it would be so small we wouldnt even be able to see it
Wait that is the International Space Shuttle in front of the Sun? How in the world was this image captured?