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Best Announcer Quotes, Week 13
"Of all the guys named Joique - he has had the best, most productive day in the NFL" - Joe Buck "The Lion's turnover ratio is low because the offense is turning over the ball and the defense isn't causing turnovers." - Troy Aikman "I don't know what's happening, but I recommend the Browns cut Brandon Weeden tomorrow" -Shannon Sharpe "Cam licks his fingers and puts them in the ready position." -Mick Mixon "Don't go for it, get the field goal" (Before the play)....."If I had Cam Newton I would go for it too." (After the play) -Tim Ryan "That wasn't a pocket—it was a whole pair of pants.... Tom only threw this [pass] because he was bored." - Greg Gumbel "They couldn't have screwed this up any more!" -Al Michaels "He speaks with his eye balls!" -Gruden (on Russell Wilson)
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