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Singer Rain made a surprise appearence at a recent music festival while still in the middle of his military service. His looked extremely good looking with his military style short hair, and seemed to have gained some muscle weight too! All good for the ladies! He also performed some of his popular songs, and proved that Rain still got it!! We can't wait to have you back TEARS
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i think he has gained some. He will probably get rid of it by the time he makes his comeback
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Of course our HOT RAIN still Got it 8) I can see he has gain some muscles >.<.. still it's all Good ;) I can't wait to have him back on the screen! ^.^ PS: *still stuck on the second picture.. just wanna grab it..* oooh <3_<3
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i like the way you perform on the stage. I like your peronality and you have down to earth.i love you so much as one of your fans.
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oh rain... i like it....
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love uuuuuuuuuuu rain oopa
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