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CNBLUE World Tour ‘BLUE MOON’ in South America! We are pleased to announce you that CNBLUE will have their World Tour ‘BLUE MOON’ in South America. The concerts in Mexico(January 26th in 2014), Peru(Jan 28th), Chile(Jan 31th) are already fixed. See you soon, South America!
I so excited for my fellow country women. I'm so want to go!!! @infinite1996, let's go to Mexico! We just need about a thousand dollars each to cover airfare, ticket, hotel, food, expending money for souvenirs. Di vamos?Yo quiero ir. Me muero por verlos.
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@dramacrazy yo también quiero ir pero no tengo dinero :(
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@infinite1996, you need to save some money. They are coming to the USA and we (you and I!!)HAVE TO go . No excuses. aratssuh!
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