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D-5 of AOMG/H1ghr Challenge

Elo Baby Boos,

Its already Day 5.. wow ...

Today were doing overseas moments, basically meaning ANY moment outside of Korea that your remember and loved..

as for mine... I won't ever forget the back-n-forth smtm5 after party.

I was there with my girls in my BBMG squad

LocoForJiyong @MarrickeJ33 @DayDaySMDC
(@BBxGD couldn't make it due to health reasons)

and witness the girl that qss beside me go snd choke Simon out for a photo... lucky she got it but Gray and Pumkin had to pull her off him hahaha

I hope I get to make new ones soon
☆♡T.O.P Tabi Council Ladies♡☆

❤BBMG Squad:

♣BO$$ Squad:


My Bunnies:
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