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Personally I do not like Facebook. It has nothing to do with the fact that I do not think it is a good product, it is just that I like to keep my things private. How do you guys feel about Facebook? How do you feel about the allegations that Zuckerberg is collecting all this data on all of us without our complete knowledge? I would say that maybe even the NSA would be a bit jealous over Facebook's database lol.
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I think facebook is great as soon as you have people that you wan't to keep in touch with who live on different continents. If you use it to talk to people that are a text/phone call away, what are you doing? Although now that I write that facebook groups are great as is the ability to send files. I don't think I've ever emailed a friend.
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@curtis I mean even if they are on other continents, there are so many other options now. Personally i prefer just one of the many international text messaging systems. I just dont like one service having so much info about me. Fight the man lol
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