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"If carrying a wet papery packet home puts you off fresh fish from the counter at your local supermarket, London designers PostlerFerguson have designed a series of sleek sleeves to promote the less endangered types. “Supermarkets are expanding their fresh fish offerings to include more sustainable species like gurnard, mackerel and skate. These fish are cheaper and just as tasty, but customers often shy away from them because they are unfamiliar and occasionally just plain ugly,” says Martin Postler. This fish packaging proposal will help put these fish back on equal standing with their more recognised brethren by placing them in an attractive and highly recognizable packaging solution. The packages are intended for use at fresh fish counters. Constructed from a double layered polyethylene, they are airtight, resealable and can be filled with ice for transport to keep your fish fresh until it hits the pan!" - I love PostlerFerguson's package design for this. package is made from layers of polyethylene. What's amazing about this is that they are resealable, airtight and can be topped up with ice to keep everything fresh until you’re ready to cook it.
@onesmile very inspiring way
This is an inspired way to market and to convince Buyers to buy something they wouldn't otherwise!