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The fight to legalize marijuana is once again headed to Tennessee's capitol. One group behind it says the bill has a better chance of passing in 2014 and there are more reasons for it to pass here than ever. 20-month old Millie Mattison suffers from debilitating seizures. Her parents and two older brothers are selling the family business and moving to Colorado to provide better care for her-- a decision that wasn't easy. They're the guests of honor at the monthly Tennessee NORML meeting at Sunset Grill. The National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws is a ring leader of legalizing medical marijuana and cannabis, putting Tennessee in the same league as Colorado and other states which provide the drug without THC but with increased levels of CBD's -- a product that would help with Millie's epilepsy. Representative Sherry Jones is sponsoring the bill called the "Safe access to medical cannabis act" Mattison says he considered buying the marijuana and bringing it back to Tennessee to administer to Millie but the risk is too great in a state where that's illegal. Mattison says he is working on selling his business and the family plans to move after Christmas. They're among hundreds across the country who move to Colorado for this treatment.