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"Heirs" Ep18 Scaps: Young Do Likes Eun Sang
On the walk to Eun Sang's house, Young Do runs into her mom. He respectfully greets her. She recognizes him from their first encounter and she notices his uniform. She gestures him to go away, but her kindness moves her to change her mind. She welcomes him into her home and offers him a meal. While he eats, he is touched by the warm food and her generosity, tears welling up in his eyes. The moment is a surrogate for that day years ago ... when he missed his last meal with his own mother. Mom asks him if he's Eun Sang's friend, and Young Do confesses, "I like Eun Sang."
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@rajvi1 I have to agree with you. YD does go through a transformation, that's called the power of love. He is not the" saekki" he was before. episode 18 was an emotional episode. I was holding back my tears because my husband was next to me. YD is hurting more than KT, that's why he doesn't want to see or acknowledge ES. He to distance himself in order to heal/ get over ES. He needs someone to rescue him, unfortunately there's no one.
omoo...kim tan's dad have something to do on birthday of kim tan...wow...i think something bad... grrrr....babo kim tan's dad....
2 more ep...but when they can show house's of young do in america...young do also have a nice house in america... @divalycious???
@divalycious ok ...i hope they show the house of oung do in america...before when thay taken film there thay show the house of young do...so very nice like a palace...so big...i take island or beach something near there...hehehe