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Won keeps his word to help Eun Sang. He visits Eun Sang at her work. He tells her that Tan's not doing well, and he assumes it's because of her. She says that she will not see Tan, but Won asks her when she'll her return to the place she was in before. Later, Won meets with Tan in their wine cellar and gives him a note from Eun Sang. Won reminds Tan about their agreement: Tan will do what Won wants. Tan asks when he'll be leaving for the US, but Won only tells him to do well on his exam first. Hmmm ... interesting that Won didn't give him an answer. Alone, Tan reads Eun Sang's note. She explains that she likes Tan, quickly referencing their summer encounter. She apologizes for running away.
i knew won had it in him to care for his lil bro! so sweet!!
finally won , let us know about his feelings.
won is so cool ♡
this part of ep...eun sang very emotional she cry a lot...
That's what big brothers are for! ^_^