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King Jinwoo releases New MV(&Album)! 🙇‍♀️

This morning, this beautiful artistic guy released a MV off his new album, Rotate.
This Album will include collaborations with Fellow PLT members Villian & June, and Park Ji-Min from JYP. This album is lit y'all!

* She's Got Everything *

This music video is badass. The main guy fights a dude for the leading lady.

I'm super excited for this album:

(Dear Sun)

One way is an Upbeat song! I honestly enjoy is and I will be playing this on loop.


Just Gonna say I think this one is gonna be my favorite. I'm a hoebag for June's voice. .

I included his Showcase.



☆ Holy Hecksies I'm a massive hoebag for PLT in general, but dayum Jinwoos voice makes a bish switch her list around ☆

(Villain, Moti, Gaho & June) I'm just playin babey I love you.

*** I need more people to love them so I can have a tag and I can fangirl over them ****

I've never heard of PLT before 😲
That has some of their songs!
@QueenyCrossGene Oh okay, I'll go look for it
I'll tag you in it
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