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D Crunch!! Rookie group

D Crunch which stands for Diamond Crunch

There are 9 members in the group and they just debuted recently with their song Palace. The rappers are the main center in this and boy do they impress. The agency they are with is ALL-S- Company. Deputed August 6th 2018 They are a hip hop group

On Nov 12th they realesed another MV with the song Stealer, which the members were involved in writing the lyrics and composition. If you listen to the song (English subs are up if you cannot understand korean) You can tell that they wanted to include how they may be rookies but you shouldn’t look down on them.

They have a few songs on their new mini album and the song “I miss you” Is dedicated and a message to their fans.

Stealer came out on nov 12th

Ready to meet the members?!

O.V Aka Odd Vibe: Real Name: Kim Sangchan Born: Jan 3 1999 Position: Main rapper, Main Dancer He will also be in a sub-unit Geupsik-Dan in July.
Hyunwook: Real Name: Ji Hyunwook Birthday: July 1 1998 Position: Leader, Main Rapper He became a trainee at All-S Company between april and June 2017 He can speak English
Hyunho: Real name: Lee Hyunho Born: November 4th 1998 Position: Rapper He became a trainee in feb 2017
Hyunoh: Real Name: Park Hyunoh Born: March 19th 1999 Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer He can speak English He calls himself the Sexy Guy of D Crunch Trainee since January 2017
try not to get confused with HyunOH and HyunHO
Hyunwoo: Real name: Baek Hyunwoo Born: Vocalist Birthday: Feburary 19th 1999 He became a trainee in Jan. 2017
Minhyuk Real Name: Kim Minhyuk Birthday: November 6th 1999 Position: Rapper He became a Trainee in May 2017 Majored in theater and Film
Chanyoung: Real name: Kim Chanyoung Birthday November 20th 2000 Position: Rapper, Main performer, Dancer Came to All S Company in March 2017
JeongSeung Real Nam: Park Jeongseung Birthday: May 26 2002 (Shit this boy is 16!) Position: Rapper, Maknae Became a Trainee in November 2017 He will also be in the sub-unit Geupsik-Dan
Dylan: Real Name: Park Yeonjae Birthday July 26 2002 ( Another 16!) Position: Rapper Makanae Started as a trainee in feb 2017 He will also be in the group Geupsik-Dan
OOOO Dylan went to New Zealand as an exchange student
So Did you get a taste for these guys yet or are you gonna try and resist another group!

fam tag! new updated list!
These are babies!!!!!
No no no, I found them through their account on Tiktok and I stan them, Stealer is a jam and they’re all so cute! Dylan’s smile is so precious he’s my bias..kinda. I could tell when I looked them up that I would get all the Hyuns mixed up, there’s so many. 😂😂 And Minhyuk is a cutie too!
really on tiktok wow !! and Yey! yes stan them yea their names are so similiar its gonna be hard to keep track
Yeah I was surprised too! D-Crunch, Weki Meki And Astro also have official accounts and then celuv tv? They have a vlive and also a tiktok and Stray Kids, April, NCTDream, Weil Meki, Mamamoo and Victon have been on there
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