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YD says to Tan, “If you miss her, then go see her.” Tan replies he isn’t going anymore. “You can have her.” YD pulls Tan up and asks what did you say? Do you want to die? Do you have the right to break down? Tan says no he doesn’t. He then says, I can’t do it, young do. Tan continues to cry. Angry, YD throws him down, and walks away. Tan can’t get up off the ground. Won is telling dad about Yoon becoming vice president. Dad scoffs that Yoon only desires so little. He tells Won he can go now but Won says he didn’t come to see dad. Right then Tan comes in and everyone is shocked by how Tan looks. Tan just goes to his room. Won goes to Tan room and says get up, let’s go to hospital. Tan says get out, but Won says Tan promised to do everything he said. Tan screams get out. Won says Tan doing this won’t change anything. Tan says to Won, hyung when do go to the U.S. I’m think I’m going to die. Please send me. Please save me. Tan breaks down crying. Won looks at him sadly. Won is back at Zeus hotel and he runs into YD, and he notices YD’s broken lips. He asks YD what happened, and YD says he hit Tan. He adds, he didn’t know he was not supposed to hit kids with older brothers but he forget that Tan had a brother since Tan never shows it. Won says Tan must also not have friend either. CY and BN are in the studio, studying, but CY is actually looking at Eun Sang’s status updates. BN finds it strange that ES replied to herself but we know that it is Tan and ES’s old chat. ES reads her own account too. She sees message from Tan and pictures he took of her, saying he will find her no matter where she is. Probably sent before he actually found her at the beachside town. Eun Sang starts deleting these messages, and Tan who is also looking at her account notices this. Tan and HS at the café. HS is trying to get Tan to eat. HS is lecturing Tan, worrying that Tan might end up in the hospital. Tan says he won’t end up there so no worries. HS tells Tan to just go get ES. Read full recap: >>