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"It appears not only people in the tech world believe Bitcoin is the currency of the future -- one of the US' biggest banks also sees legitimacy in the virtual currency. Bank of America published its first research report (PDF) on Bitcoin on Thursday saying that the digital currency could become a major contender to other types of online money-transfer providers. "We believe Bitcoin could become a major means of payment for e-commerce and may emerge as a serious competitor to traditional money-transfer providers," Bank of America wrote in its report. "As a medium of exchange, Bitcoin has clear potential for growth, in our view." While there are other digital currencies, Bitcoin is probably the most well known. It's been around since 2009, but didn't really get going until 2011 when it was worth $2 per coin. By 2013, the currency had climbed to $20 per coin, and then jumped to $266 in April. Within the past few weeks, it had another price jump and is now hovering around $1,000." Really wish I had a few of these. Too bad people use them for illegal stuff otherwise they'd probably already be a thing
China moved to restrict usage of bitcoins that's part of the reason they plummeted
@Jayman it's back to about $930 again, after peaking closer to $1000 a few weeks ago. Still trading near its all time high but it's clearly quite volatile
If they were easier to get I would be buying them, but i'm lazy
Didn't the currency lose half its value last week?