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they are sweet couple < sweet darling Kim Won <3
@irelis27... She loves Kim Won but she is more than willing to be "second best". We all know they have more than a platonic, holding sweaty hands relationship. Of course, no nudity is shown because otherwise it would not be a PG13 type of kdrama. Just like KT and ES spending the night at MS and "nothing" happened because she spent all night "studying". They sure don't have "Latin blood" running through their veins. kekeke
@dramacrazy... Totally agree with u on this one!!
@misswhatever, yes they most definitely look good togeter, but and it's a big BUT 1) Kim Won needs to grow some"cojones" aka "balls". He is a grown man, he needs to have more backbone to be able to stand up to his dominaring appa. 2)If he loves her, fight for her 3) this girl needs to respect/love herself a little more. in this episode, she was more content to be "the other woman" in Won's life. She needs to grow some ovaries. She could end up like Kim Tan's omma. Sure she loves him, but she's giving it away for free.
they looked really beautiful together