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Soft Hours: Taeyong

11:47 AM: You sat down in your seat at lunch and began to aimlessly pick at your food. Your best friend Lee Taeyong, sits down beside you almost immediately noticing that you were off today. He didn’t push you to tell him what was going on, that’s how he was. He’d always just place a reassuring hand on your shoulder until you seemed okay again, that gesture usually helped but today it wouldn’t. Why? Well, the reason you’re so stressed out and down today is because you had come to the realization last night that you were undeniably in love with him. And the feelings didn’t seem to be mutual.

Ah, today Soft Hours were kinda angsty. But Taeyong’s next Hour will connect to this one! :) /Later today you may see a Yuta Hour!\
This. .
can you add me to the taglist please?😊
Yes of course! ☺️
@Halsyeon Thank you! :)
No problem!
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