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I am sure that most of you already know this story. Either way it is a story that is worth keeping and remembering because of its everlasting value in reminding us of the human spirit. This is especially true during the holidays no? Wesley Autrey was with his two kids waiting for the train when he saw a man, who was having a seizure, fall onto the train tracks. With the train almost upon the man, Mr. Autrey knew his only way to save him was to push him into the crack between the rails. So Mr Autrey pushed the man into the opening, and covered him with his own body, all while keeping him from flailing. The opening allowed them 21 inches of space, and both men flat down covered 20.5 inches. Not only is the whole story so incredible, but what is more incredible is that Mr Autrey had no time to think. It was completely based on instinct. It was his instinct to try to save the man. Now isn't that what the holiday spirit, the human spirit, should be?
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