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When I saw this video, all I kept thinking is that it reminded me of a scene in Spiderman 2. I remember in Spiderman 2, when Peter Parker no longer wanted to be Spiderman, he quit. Yet one day he was walking home when his instincts to save people returned as he ran into a burning building to save a little girl stuck inside. This man, who was walking by, also decided to run into a burning building upon seeing a child stuck inside. He then used his body to shield the young boy from the flames, and wrapped him in curtains (much like peter parker did). Heroes are not people who have powers. Heroes are people who are willing to risk something valuable, like their life, for the sake of someone who owes them nothing. This man is as much a hero as Spiderman was. And I remember Aunt May told Peter in that movie that heroes are the people who teach us to continue to believe. This man did that for me.
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