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This is an old news story. Yet I felt compelled to write about it because of the recent relations between Japan and South Korea worsening, While I will not get into that international relationship, what amazed me about this story is how one man was able to show both nations that humanity transcends borders and our past. Lee Soo Hyun, a 26 year old student studying Japanese in Tokyo, was killed alongside another good samaritan, Japanese photographer Shiro Sekine, as they attempted to save a man who had fallen onto the train tracks. As the two men were trying to get this man back onto the platform, a train hit and killed all 3. That in itself is an amazing story of sorrow and tremendous courage. Yet the added value of it is how two men, from countries with chilly relations (at best), instinctively abandoned all safety and their lives to work together for a greater good. I will not cheapen Mr Lee's or Mr. Sekine's by making it political. What I am trying to say is that stories of "supposed" opposed parties working together should remind us all that at the core of it, we can still show extraordinary kindness to each other. To me that is what the Holidays should be about.
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