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After acquainting us further with Seulgi and Taeyong through additional photos and videos, the pre-debut team of S.M.ROOKIES is now letting us take another look at the youngest member Jeno. The young yet-to-debut star shows off his youthful and boyish charms with a shy photo, hiding most of his face. But no worries as you get to see more of him through a short clip revealed of a selca session with Super Junior's Donghae! Posing alongside one another, the two could almost pass off as siblings in their cute photo. As reported earlier, Seulgi (19), Jeno (13), Taeyong (18), are kicking off the introduction of 'S.M.ROOKIES', which is a pre-debut team, as in a team that is formed to showcase rookies to the public before their debut. The pre-debut team has no conditions or requirements in regards to its formation or number of members and will give rookies a chance to collaborate in various ways and forms before each of the members' official debut.