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Kpop This & That :)

Heyy Vingle, I miss yall a lot. My last card was 7 months ago lol. Anyway, I just letting yall know I'm way behind on this year's comebacks, new groups, etc. But I'm slowing catching up. Feel free to keep me posted on everything. I'm stil here, just busy asf these days.

Okaaayy first I wanna talk about my favorite ladies, Red Velvet! "Really Bad Boy"!! I'm geeked!! I love them soooo much. Queens of Kpop <3

Their teaser photos are so gorgeous! I'm so in love with them!

Queen Irene

Queen Joy

Queen Seulgi

Queen Wendy

Queen Yeri

They look so very beautiful! I can't wait to listen to their new music!


I was on Facebook and I saw this! It looks so beautiful omfg! I want to ride this!

Celebration for the upcoming 2019 year, subway AD support in Seoul Line 2 within the trains. 🚋 'BTS TRAIN'.
Location : Seoul Line 2 🚇
photo ©jiminiful ©BTSinformations


I'm currently behind on EXO and NCT's music. I know its been awhile since EXO had a comeback together. I was excited to hear about it. I still have not got to it yet. I know Lay came out with another solo album, gotta go listen to that.

OH! and Shinee too. Honestly. I havn't even listened to Jonghyun's solo album yet after his passing... I just been waiting for the right time to listen to it. I will soon though. I miss that man so much. When I listen to Shinee's older songs, it makes me sad. I heard Key is coming out with his solo right? Idk if he did already. I will check it out.

Umm BTS they didn't dress up for Halloween? I'm so used to them dressing up and doing a dance practice video; unless they did and I don't know about it but I don't think so. After all, they are so busy these days and their popularity has gone sky high in the U.S. They been doing a lot of shit. I wish my babies would take a rest sometimes. I worry about them fr. I'm behind with them too but with the Bangtan bombs, Vlive, etc. I'll get them lol.

Hey what about Hyuna and E-Dawn tho?? omg they are so cute together! I always shipped them, even before thr news came out about. I'm not feeling the fact that they got kicked out of the Cube smfh. Bs. Anyway, they are doing their own thing and I'm happy asf for them.

MAMA 2018!!! I can't wait but I know its going to be way different this year! I saw someone's card on here about EXO votes being deleted? I don't think it was for the MAMA but something else. Someone fill me in on that lol. But I finally got the chance to look at the categories for MAMA and I'm suprised that EXO isn't in there.. except EXO CBX.. It's so crazy because I'm so used to seeing them a lot but its different. They have been busy like hell after all. I'm behind on them as well. I been too busy with work and I started online classes this year. I forgot all about the MAMA voting because usually I will be voting like crazy. I'm not sure if voting is still going on or not. I will go look. Hopefully, I will be able to watch it this year.
There are more artists I need to catch up on but I will be making separate cards about it after I check em out. I will tell you guys what I think about their new music and other.

Did I miss anything else? Let me know the deal! :)

*RV photo creds to SM ENT, other photos creds to the rightful owners :)*

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