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Youngdo breaks my heart. The agonizing thing about his character is you can’t write him a happy ending because the unresolved issue with his mom will always be hanging. This gets me more than him losing the stupid girl, the selfish bitch who welcomes KT’s harassment with open arms but cringes at his slightest touch, with time he’ll outgrow his feelings for her. But with his mom he can never get over it. Thanks KES for giving me a character with regrets you fucker. A poorly written but brilliantly acted one - it’s the worst combination. via one angry blogger
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really a heartbreaking scene ...
someone plz explain to me what "KT's harassment" is this "angry blogger" talking about?
@dramacrazy Kim Tan's harassment … :(
so true. which is why CYD has become my favorite character in this drama. I can't help but hope against hope that he finds happiness NOW.
@candykiev,@divalycious, are you guys saying that KT harassed ES? I would say that YD did harass ES.