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From Matt Simon on Wired.com: [Go to site for full article] "We humans were just so proud of ourselves when we invented the guillotine after millennia of experimenting with how best to take heads off shoulders. Maybe a bit too proud, what with that whole Reign of Terror thing. Unbeknownst to those over-enthusiastic revolutionaries, evolution already had produced its own perfect beheader — a tiny fly whose larvae burrow into ants, take control of their minds, and eventually sever their heads from the inside. These are nature’s flying guillotines: the epically named ant-decapitating flies of the genus Pseudacteon."
That is so awesome... So many organisms use such amazing methods of survival. For me, this just shows how nature and evolution runs itself and can combobulate the most intriguing and intricate organisms... This also goes to show that life on other planets may be extremely strange, and use similar methods of survival.
This fly hijacker is much more scary than the guillotine itself!
@yinofyang haha you're so right...this is scarier than any horror movie..
@Saravy @alexicon Yeah. You think what you see in movies is bad, but it's nothing compared to Mother Nature.
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