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10 korean men's ,who shouldn't wear shirts...like ever
10 KOREANOS Q NUNCA DEBERIAN USAR CAMISAS,SIN ELLAS LUCEN MEJOR,UNNIES ESPERO LES GUSTE .. 1.LEE JOON 2.LEE HYUNG BUN 3.JAY PARK 4.KWON SANG WOO 5.CHANGMIN 6.TAECYEON 7. CHA SEUNG WON 8.SO JI SUB 9.JOO JIN MO 10. KIM KIBUM . @jmilyvp @kyssmin @Eliz @nidiadomnguez @xiiilllo @kayguajardo @analuna @neishacasiano @Christy @divalycious @masriDaniela @stephiikins...(paros orgasmicos,cuidado unnies..)
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@tyta468 welcome and thanks to u too
4 years ago·Reply
daebak ....i really miss CHA SEWUG WON .....aweeesome :-P
4 years ago·Reply
they sure is work hard to get those abs...they dont come easy. sexyyyy!!!!!!!!!
4 years ago·Reply
of course ,he work really hard, he look amazing. .
4 years ago·Reply
so try
4 years ago·Reply