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Kim Woo-bin's homme fatale. When his rebellious eyes is filled with tears he becomes melancholy. His long legs and arms makes him look more dangerous when he force Park Shin-hye into his arms. As she runs away from him he will want her more. This lonesome bad boy just started his love. SBS Wed/Thur drama 'The Heirs' Choi Young-do(Kim Woo-bin) is playing with the viewers' heart. In the play, he is hotel Zeus inheritor and was Kim Tan(Lee Min-ho)'s best friend until they found each others' threatening weak point. He was grown lonely and vicious. Run away mom and his father with complicated women relations became a trauma for his. Now he is a poor violent boy who bullies his friends starving for affection. Choi Young-do's consistently changing eyes are a deadly charm. When his confronts with Kim Tan, his eyes shine like a wild beast but he also shows loneliness. Kim Woo-bin previously starred in 'School 2013', 'Gentleman's Dignity' and so on as rebellious kid. Although he is still rebellious, he is different in 'The Heirs' in that he features love in his cold drawn eyes. First, he was just using Cha Eun-sang(Park Shin-hye) to provoke Kim Tan. But he is soon mesmerized by her bright energy and her innocence. He somehow wants to protect her and desires to make her his. Choi Young-do is still making bitter remarks to the girl he likes but he feature jealousy when Kim Tan and Cha Eun-sang is together. His heart sank by her mere words. Kim Woo-bin is truly compelling with his subtly layered portrayal of complicated Choi Young-do character. He is showing even more charisma when confronting Lee Min-ho who is playing Kim Tan. He has the power to make the viewers absorbed in the love scene he plays with Cha Eun-sang played by Park Shin-hye. Although he scowls and verbally abuse with ice-coldness, time to time he reveals his inner hurt and lonesome through his eyes or facial expressions. He is lauded by the critics with his flawless love play with Cha Eun-sang. He is doing a great job even when compared to his more experienced senior actor like Lee Min-ho and actress Park Shin-hye. He is making 'The Heirs' more enjoyable with his character which only he can portray. Even his film 'Friend 2' released today(14th) is highly anticipated through word-of-mouth. 'The Heirs' is more interesting as we find endless charms of Kim Woo-bin. issue@osen.co.kr
he is an handsome ...hottie guy .....aishhhhh adore him .....:)
hahahahaha, thanks chingu, more about my bad guy, I love it..
he is so gorgeous