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너무 생생한 라이브에이드 당시 Queen 무대 사진들


+ 신세계 경험시켜주는 8D 버전 (이어폰 필수)

Bohemian Rhapsody

Somebody to Love

Don't Stop Me Now

Killer Queen

Radio Ga Ga

Love of My Life

오늘밤 MBC에서 방송하는 퀸 출연 라이브 에이드 포스터ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

★12월 2일 23시 55분 방송★

관심좀 주세요..
귀찮으실까봐 댓글 달아달라고 못하는데
클립과 하트 정말 좋아해요...♥
Freddy Mercury had a beautiful voice. If you haven't seen Bohemian Rhapsody I recommend you do. Thank you for sharing!
One of the greatest legends of all time.
@eunsan0903 저두여..ㅠㅠ감동
금방봤는데.. 와........ 소름 소름..
영화에 나오는 노래 다 알더라구요~~ㅋㅋㅋ
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Dear David Bowie: A Thank You From Yet Another Odd Kid
I thought about immediately taking to the keys last night, upon hearing the news of David Bowie's passing, but I thought against it. When people don't have time to process things they end up creating these jumbled messes, that don't come out as tributes. They're more akin to shocked streams of consciousness, where neither the reader nor the writer can properly put things into place. After further inspection, I realized that Bowie wouldn't have wanted a proper tribute, because as a champion of all things individual, he valued the pure ideals of hope and art over everything else. I guess the sadness stems from the knowledge that anyone can fall prey to the sickle of cancer, and that just doesn't sit well with us, because if it can get Bowie...where's the hope? But that's not the point, it never was. So the following, is a mis-mosh of thoughts aimed at the cold blooded bummer we're all feeling today. So here is a letter, a bit out of sorts, but exactly what I wanted to say. David Bowie, you are more than a musician to most. You are someone who gave every single person on this planet permission to be themselves. The idea of creation can only go so far as the brain will let you, and for some reason, Bowie, your brain just went a little bit farther than most. From early in your career, you were constantly pushing boundaries, as if to say, "Hey world, you can be whatever the hell you want to be, except boring." And that sentiment always spoke volumes to me. As a kid who was never on the right side of anything, it was an incredible feeling that someone who came before, was brave enough to blaze the trail for the rest of us. Especially considering the societal implication of being an alien at the time, you held down the fort, creating a legacy that nobody would ever touch. I wore glittery makeup and strutted around like I was from a different planet too, and sometimes people would say, "Huh. There's a touch of Bowie in you." I could only be so lucky. Bowie, you never let gender define you. You didn't let society define him. You didn't even let yourself define you. You were utterly unique, do you know how valuable that is? You, and only you, were created from space dust and glitter, roaming the earth among us mortals, gracing us with your presence when when was worth so much more. You stand as the singular voice in a world full of people who couldn't give a shit about being themselves, and you made that cool. You made individuality and sense of self cool. Could you imagine a world without that? Without you, almost all of our artists today either wouldn't exist, or they'd be infinitely more boring. From the 70's onward Bowie provided all people with something otherworldly, something that anyone could sink their teeth into. You know, when your parents and you are mourning the same genius...that person was completely transcendent. It didn't matter what race, nationality, gender or creed you were...you were a David Bowie fan, because some people just can't be ignored. And though the world tended to criticize and marginalize your efforts, nobody ever said you weren't talented. The true heart of an artist takes a beating, and with every single hit, you came back stronger, better, more creative. There was nobody like you. Nobody before or after you will ever touch you. The mark you leave on this pitiful world makes it a little more brighter, a little more glitter filled. You took the music of yesterday and splattered it with technicolor. The rules of the passed were smashed to smithereens, and Bowie, you had the sledgehammer. No musician ever, could dispute the raw influence of you. In fact, I would say that no person who has ever come across your music could dispute your raw influence, and we are forever grateful. You see, without someone tending the gate of creativity, none of us would ever have the courage to open it. Now you're tending another gate, somewhere high up in the stars, where you always belonged: because Bowie is not from this planet, he can't be. He can't be mortal. And that's the hardest part. You see, he isn't mortal. He never was. He's now off to another place where he can really shine. He's the spaceman after all. The world changed when this man picked up a microphone. And in the halls of Gods and monsters, Bowie will sit atop a shining pedestal of stardust, waiting for another trip to the moon. On behalf of all people, musicians and freaks alike, I want to extend this fervent and sincere thank you to our very own alien: Mr. David Bowie. Returning to space must be an incredible feeling, and we hope to someday meet you there. It took me a full 12 hours to realize that I was experiencing the stages of grief, and that I should give myself time and all of that...but you never gave yourself any time right? You never stopped for anyone. You accomplished more in your 69 years than most of us could in three lifetimes, and for that reason, I will continue on. I will not stop to cry or hold my breath. I will sit at the desk, cry on the keyboard and continue my journey. "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." Until then, I'll be holding down the keys, making sure that whatever tears that fall are not in anger or sadness, but celebration, that our world could even begin to hold such an incredible talent, spirit and genius. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. --Tess
[물어보살] "김경진 쓰레기, 도둑놈" 악플에 시달리게 된 이유
나의 사랑 너의 사랑 김경진 ♥ 전수민 둘이 6월에 결혼 할 예정임 전수민은 패션모델임 딱 봐도 모델상이시고 워킹 존멋에 필라테스 강사도 하고 계신 분이라 함 아무래도 개그맨-모델 이렇게 결혼을 잘 안하긴 하니까 악플러들 신남 "여자가 너무 아깝다" "쓰레기" "도둑놈" 등등 악플도 계속 달리고 SNS 디엠으로도 오고 있다고 함 (둘이 결혼하겠다는데 욕을 왜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ) ~둘이 사귀게 된 비하인드~ (글이 약간 길수있어서 영상으로 보고싶은사람 영상 ㄱㄱ) 지인 생일파티에 갔다가 김경진이 번호 달라 했음 3일 정도 연속으로 연락하고 영화도 먼저 전수민이 보자함 뮤직바에 갔다가 전수민이 손을 먼저 잡음 "식사 하는데 진중하고 호감형으로 바뀌었어요. 저는 외모를 안보고 내면이 꽉 차 있는 사람을 좋아하는데 얘기하다 보니 매력에 끌렸어요" 보고있는 내표정ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 갑자기 먼.저. 손을 잡고 고백한거=전수민 이라고 강조하고 억울하다고 어필함 (약..간.. 선 넘으려는 느낌..) 어쩌라는 분위기ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그 뒤로도 대충 억울하고 어쩌구 저쩌구 이런 내용들 점괘 뽑았는데 응~ 개풀 뜯어 먹는 소리~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 다 같이 빵터짐ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 약간 좀 많이... 뼈 때렸잖아요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 초심 잃지말고 행쇼하세요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
아름다운 이상주의, 히피 [ hippie, hippy ]
히피hippie; <사회> 기성의 가치관ㆍ제도ㆍ사회적 관습을 부정하고, 인간성의 회복ㆍ자연과의 직접적인 교감 따위를 주장하며 자유로운 생활 양식을 추구하는 젊은이들. 1960년대 후반부터 미국을 중심으로 생겨나 전 세계로 퍼짐. ---------------------------------------------------- 종종 예전의 가치들이 더 아름다워 보일 때가 있다. 1960년 15세에서 25세 젊은 청소년들은 베트남전을 계기로 더 이상의 폭력을 거부하고 삶의 필요요소이자 중요요소인 평화, 사랑, 화합, 자유를 함께 꿈꾸기 시작했다. 그것이 바로 히피 운동이다. 그들은 문화의 차별, 인종의 차별, 계급의 차이도 없는 세상을 지향하며 오직 전쟁을 반대하고 세계의 평화와 사랑, 자유를 모토로 삼았다. 그리고 그 수단으로 선택한 것은 바로 음악이었다. 그들에게 음악은 어떤 차별과 경계도 없이 모든 사람들과 소통할수 있는 도구였고 곧 히피들이 추구하는 이념과도 맞닿아있기 때문이다. 음악을 통해 모두가 하나 된 세상을 꿈꾸는 것, 누군가는 너무나 이상에 젖은 헛된 꿈이라고 말할지 모르나, 그러한 이상을 당시 전 세계가 품었다는 것이 그 꿈의 가능성을 증명한다. 순수하고 자유로운 그 마음을 지금 이 세상이 언젠가 다시 품을 수 있길.
休日課長。 なかなかファニーな名前である。個人的にはゲスの極み乙女というどこか腹立たしいバンド名を彼休日課長という名前の愛嬌で緩和している気すらする。 2016年早々ゲスの極み乙女のフロントマンの方がベッキーと云々事件が巻き起こりなかなか問題となっているがそんなことはどうだっていい。元からそんなことをしでかしそうなバンド名だ。そんなことは放っておこう。 今回私が個人的に取り上げたいのはフロントマンの下賎な行いについてでもなく、ドラムが若干(というかなかなか)かわいいことでもなく、 ベースの休日課長はマジでいい奴そうだし普通にベース上手いということなのだ。 なかなかに小気味のいいナイスな演奏である。緩急を生かした奏法、スラップ奏法、コード感を上手くついた奏法などベースが抑えているべきポイントを見事にクリアしつつ若手バンドマン(若手と言っていいのかは微妙なきもする)屈指の技術で楽曲に昇華している。 ええやないか! 個人の趣味としてはこの声がかなり苦手なので好んで彼らの楽曲を聴くことはないが演奏だけは聞いていられそうだ。 当初はサラリーマンと並行してバンド活動をしていた休日課長。 自身のツイッターでは連日食べ物についてのツイートをするなど見事にファットなおっさんっぷりを演出している。アカウント名 @eninaranaiotoko もなかなかにクールだ。 今回の騒動で彼らは若干窮地に追い込まれるような気もするが休日課長だけはどうにか社会が守ってあげてほしいものだ。