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Recent Calculation Of People Opting For Health Insurance

There has been a recent study, which states that people within the age group of 23 to 35 are the ones suffering from lifestyle based diseases. This survey covered 9 of the hot and happening cities in India. It is time for people to follow some measures to procure the best health insurance covers for protecting their lives and lives of beloved for long. Just like procuring personal loans from reputed banks, it is important to choose medical loans or health insurance policies from reliable sectors only.

So many diseases to cover:

Around 45% of respondents stated that they are suffering from either one or more lifestyle based disorders. This segment comprises of obesity, chronic body pain, and even hypertension. 40% young adults said that they are victims of chronic body pain and 20% mentioned their obesity-related issues. Even 18% of them are suffering from hypertension, which I a high rising issue and should be taken care right on time!
Unfortunately, it is only 30% of people below the age group of 35 years, who opt for health insurance and others don’t give a damn! If such chronic issues are going to increase with passing time, it is time to convince the rest 70% people to go for the best insurance coverage plans too.

Health insurance from employers and more:

75% respondents are known to have their health insurances. But still, 60% were dependent on the health coverage, as provided by the employers. Some people even have this belief that the cover, as provided by the employer is more than enough. However, this is not exactly the truth.

During 90% of cases, an employer provides health cover, which is not enough. The average health cover in India as provided by employees is around 50,000 rupees annually. Now, a mere bypass surgery will cost you no less than three lakh rupees!

Some companies might provide you with a maternity coverage of 30,000 rupees a year, where it takes more than 1 lakh for C-section delivery. Moreover, if you plan to switch jobs, you might not get the funding anymore from the firm. So it is always important to get a personal health cover in turn.

Some think it to be too expensive:

As per the surveyed result, 46% of young adults think that health insurance is rather expensive for them to maintain. However, you cannot blame the banks for that. Nowadays, a basic dental implant will cost you not less than 60,000 bucks, forget about some serious issues like cancer or knee replacement! In this society, where medical treatment is so expensive, you cannot expect that the health insurance plans will be cost-effective in any way.

But these policies are not even unaffordable. If you have a proper way to maintain your budget and use the money for useful ventures, then getting the best health insurance coverage is an easy piece of cake. Just be sure to get to the bank and learn more about health insurance before it gets too late.