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Tất tần tật những hoạt động cần hạn chế sau nâng mũi
Sau khi phẫu thuật nâng mũi, để giữ được dáng mũi đẹp theo thời gian và không xảy ra các trường hợp đáng tiếc như nhiễm trùng hay biến chứng, bạn nên hết sức cẩn thận trong các hoạt động sinh hoạt hằng ngày, và nghiêm túc “nói không” với các vấn đề cấm kỵ sau đây. Ăn uống không kiêng cữ Để quá trình liền vết thương diễn ra nhanh chóng và không để lại sẹo, bạn cần ăn uống khoa học và lưu ý kiêng cử một số đồ ăn thức uống nhất định như: - Hải sản: Đây là loại thực phẩm bạn cần hạn chế ăn trong 1 tháng đầu tiên vì có thể gây dị ứng, sưng tấy và ngứa ngáy. - Rau muống, thịt bò: Với tính tăng sinh da thịt làm đầy vết thương, rau muống và thịt bò có thể gây ra sẹo lồi cho vết thương. - Xôi, bắp và đậu phộng: Vì có tính nóng, thức ăn làm từ nếp và đậu phộng rất dễ gây mưng mủ cho vết thương, đồng thời làm chậm quá trình liền da, kéo dài thời gian lành thương. - Thịt gà: Đối với những cơ địa có tiền sử dị ứng với thịt gà thì bạn nên tránh ăn trong quá trình vết thương đang lành. Xem ngay: --- AZNOSE - Phòng khám chuyên sâu nâng mũi 🏠 263 - 265 Đường 3/2, P.10, Q.10, TP.HCM ☎️ 0903 167 178 🌏 🎯 #nangmui #aznose #nose #beauty #girls
Adorable Vacation Styles Ideas Of Dresses For Girls
Vacations bring happiness motivating many people to stuff in their closet with the striking outfits and girls’ clothing items. Often people travel during the vacations and carry loads of luggage with them including all styles of clothes both casual and formal wear. If you have a plan to travel somewhere, take a good start to shop some amazing outfits for you and your kids. Before considering the options, just keep in mind that comfort, quality, and seasonal outfits should be on your fingertips before buying any dress. Also, there are some top brands that deal with the kid’s exclusive clothing items like baby girls dresses, skirts for girls, and rompers for girls. In this blog, we will be sharing some useful ideas that will help you to buy the trendiest attires for your kids. Stay tuned and have a look at the pointers mentioned below. Easy To Carry Jumpsuits Kids always say yes to the jumpsuits because they never get enough of them. It’s one of their favorite outfit that they can’t resist wearing. Previously, kids rarely wear this sort of style in Pakistan, but now as we have adopted so many cultures of western wear, jumpsuits are available on every brand. Nowadays the trend of a printed jumpsuit is spreading like a fire with the accessorized button and laces on the bottoms and on the upper part. It falls particularly into the category of the girl’s casual dressing and mostly worn by the teenagers. However, for kids, the brands focus on making the glittery stuff jumpsuits because it is mostly liked by the girls wearing on any special events. Some jumpsuits are sleeveless and some have full-sleeves. Making it to a more formal mood, you can make your kid wear small shrugs or fur coat on the jumpsuits that will make them outshine brightly. Ready To Wear Short And Long Tops All of your bottoms need the best match and tops of any type can go with them. Depends on how you choose the colors and what look will you take to walk in with ease. Ready to wear tops for girls are either traditional or western. They have millions of colors in both categories short and long tops for girls. Short style tops for girls have a ban on a neck, frills, net laces, and buttons. The tops with buttons sare easy to open and wear. The close neck tops have zippers or a tassel that looks classy. Buying the elegant styles buy not heavily embellished tops will satisfy your kid and will be handy in carrying the outfit even in the rocky areas. The materials used in making the jumpsuits are sometimes cotton but the most appropriate form of jumpsuit comes in terry material because it has elasticity. Your kids can easily do the tracking in the hilly areas. Elegant Party Wear Maxi for BiG Fun and Parties Girls dresses for party wear have so many classifications available in different colors that sparkle on the windows of the shop instantly gran our attention. On holidays you celebrate birthdays or arrange a picnic on the beach with a group of friends. Match the elegant party wear maxi with your kids and flaunt on the particular event to impress your gathering.
Give your room a cute touch with this Shopkins Bedsheet set.
Shopkins is a well-known franchise that may have started with a series of tiny, and very adorable items that we find while doing shopping through a supermarket aisle. But after a time when they become quite famous with not only kids but for adults as well, the company expanded their series into more items like toys, games, and whatnot. But the product that I am here today is Shopkins Twin Sheet Set. The sheet has a lot of advantages aside from being just simply pretty. It’ll give any room a lighter and sweet feeling. And I would definitely recommend it if anybody is having problems finding a sheet. Following are the materials that the pack comes with: • Flat Sheet This base sheet is 168cm×144cm in size and I think the size is very basic and thus, will fit easily in a small size bed, especially a lot easier to a kid’s bed. It’ll cover the corners nicely without hanging loose and the print is quite beautiful. The base is a light shade of pink and it has a lot of tiny arts like some Shopkins like a cookie, popcorn, etc., and some colored circles backed up on it. • Pillowcase The case is again a very common size likewise the flat sheet. It is 51cm×76cm and will fit your pillow like a glove! The main illustration on the top of it is of a Shopkins Popcorn being their pretty self and laughing. The base is of light pink color but what brightens it up are those stars, hearts, etc. on the main base. • Fitted sheet This fitted sheet comes as an extra, I mean you don’t regularly get fitted sheets, just the main bedsheet, and case, so I really appreciated this part of the set. The size is 99cm×191cm. The design is divided into squares with various prints illustrated on every other square. It is the prettiest thing out of the package as it has different Shopkins pictures on it. The words “Girls Day Out” are written in the middle square and the font is very nicely chosen and it can be read even from a distance. These three things make nice bedding for a room but what’s even amazing and makes them a nice choice for you to choose is that they are made of such nice quality that won’t give any problems like irritation, or any other type of allergy. Also, they are very soft to settle into which makes them a perfect companion out there for kids and their toys to sleep and get comfortable into! Lastly, the colors or any thread wouldn’t get faded or stretched even after their regular washing which is proof of a high-quality Bedsheet set. If you are in the market to look for not only things for your beds but other home accessories to decorate your room with then make sure to check out selling sites similar to eBay.
作者:鍾佩瑾營養師 皮膚白皙是每位女性的願望,不論上妝卸妝,都希望有白裡透紅的肌膚。以一身黝黑皮膚辣到出名的前黑澀會美眉薔薔,上節目曾經提到自己追求白皮膚的過往,雖然本身是「黑肉底」,但為了變白,除了平時注重保養防曬,還為此打過美容針,可說是費盡心思。 其實所有愛美的女性應該都曾為了讓肌膚看起來白皙透亮付出大量努力,舉凡看影片學習化妝技巧、外出注重防曬包得密不透風、花錢投資高級保養品、出門前和洗澡後勤敷面膜、忍痛瘦荷包尋求醫美協助等都是目前常見的美白方式,但想要白得漂亮可不是只有「膚色白」就好,身體如果長期營養不良、貧血,那最後呈現出來的效果就會跟你想像中的不太一樣! 蒼白≠白皙 沒血色是身體的警訊 當鏡子裡的自己只剩下蒼白無血色的面容,那有很高的機率是體內缺鐵、貧血了! 「鐵質」有強化免疫功能的功能,也是人體內製造血紅素的重要原料,健康的成年男性應每日攝取10毫克,而女性應攝取15毫克才夠,因為女性每個月有生理期定時排血的緣故,體內的鐵質需求本來就比較多,倘若還有挑食或節食習慣,長期下來就容易不足,可能會引發貧血。 可別以為臉沒血色化好妝就沒事,當體內鐵質、血紅素不足時,會導致紅血球攜氧量下降,除了臉色蒼白之外,還會併發其他症狀,例如:頭髮跟皮膚變乾澀、頭暈、手腳冰冷,人容易倦怠或食慾不振等,太過蒼白也會讓眼窩黑眼圈變明顯,顯得雙眼無神,整個人看起來病懨懨的,長期不佳的精神與身體狀況不僅會導致注意力下降,影響工作與學習能力,還有可能罹患「潛伏性缺鐵」。 缺鐵該怎麼辦?多吃含鐵食物就對了! 含鐵食物可以分「動物性」與「植物性」兩種,常見的食材如下: 動物性:含有容易被人體腸道吸收的「血鐵質」,肉的顏色越紅,含血鐵質就越高! ● 常見於紅肉食物(如牛肉、豬肉、豬血、鴨血),還有海產。 植物性:這類「非血鐵質」雖然吸收率較低,功用也容易受到其他食材影響,但卻含有可幫助鐵質吸收的「維生素C」。 ● 常見於蔬果類、穀類、堅果類等食物。 各種食物含鐵量前3名! 肉類海產 ● 豬血 28.0mg ● 鴨血 15.6mg ● 柴魚片 15.3mg 蔬菜類 ● 紅毛苔 62.0mg ● 紫菜 56.2mg ● 髮菜 40.7mg 堅果類 ● 黑芝麻 22.3mg ● 紅土花生 22.2mg ● 南瓜子 10.5mg 水果類 ● 黑棗 2.4mg ● 紅棗 1.7mg ● 櫻桃小番茄 1.4mg (想知道更完整的含鐵食物排行榜,以及孕婦該攝取多少鐵最剛好,都歡迎參考:含鐵食物第1名竟然是…!搭配這4招大補「鐵」!) 不過想補鐵可不是一股腦的單吃高鐵質食物就好,吃得多不如吃得巧,在均衡攝取動物性與植物性含鐵食物之餘,也可以在飯後來點富含維生素C的水果,不僅吃得健康,也可以幫助鐵質吸收更順暢。 另外還要注意,部分飲品與食物與鐵一起吃會影響身體吸收鐵質的效果,例如:茶、咖啡與鈣質。這是由於茶葉及咖啡裡頭富含單寧酸,會影響人體吸收鐵的幅度,至於鈣質則是另一種重要的營養元素,但與鐵同時出現在體內會互相降低吸收率。 因此建議想要補鐵的民眾,先搞懂怎麼吃,再均衡吃、健康吃,才能讓身體重獲元氣,得到真正的美麗。 Photo by Thanh Duc PHAN on Unsplash 了解更多健康資訊: 薑黃功效防癌、抗發炎超神?醫揭開真相教你正確用法! 無乳糖奶粉怎麼選?寶寶一直拉肚子請「這樣」改善!
The Secret Services of a Custom Jeweler
The life of your local custom jeweler may appear from the outside to be a relatively straightforward one; receive a design, produce the piece, and repeat. In truth, any good custom jeweler will offer a range of services that go way beyond the simple creation process; so much so that they will deal with almost every aspect of jewelry production, care and reconditioning. With such an unrivalled level of hands-on experience with jewelry of all types, your Custom Jeweler in Philadelphia should be your first choice for jewelry repair. But what of these other services? What if you are looking for something unique but pre-made? What if you have a piece of your own to sell or trade? What if you are looking for restoration, appraisals, or jewelry repair? And what if you have an old piece that you would like reforming into something new? Pre-designed, pre-owned, pre-loved Despite their primary business being the custom design of jewelry for a specific individual, many custom jewelers will stock a range of pre-made, unique pieces that can be bought there and then, with none of the waiting time found with custom made items. These pieces may have come from a variety of different sources, with certain items even having been designed and created by the jeweler themselves, based on an idea or inspiration they had. On occasion, the jeweler may even have created a piece based purely on a stone they have come across and thought too special to not be incorporated in a beautiful ring or necklace. Other items in a pre-existing collection may have been bought from or traded in by previous customers, and are of such a high quality that they deserve to remain in the public realm and be appreciated all over again. No matter its age, all jewelry has a story, and it's not uncommon to find vintage or even antique pieces in the ready to buy collection of a custom jewelers. You can be confident too they will have been given all the love they need to bring them back to their former glory before being placed on sale again. Repair, appraise, restore As your local expert for all stages of a piece's life, who better for your jewelry repair than your custom jeweler? Possessing the necessary skills to create jewelry from the bottom up means your custom jeweler is also able to best undertake any repairs or alterations that may unfortunately be necessary from time to time, from replacing a stone, tightening claws, or even resizing. To help soften the blow should anything untoward happen, insuring your custom jewelry is also a must, and your local custom jeweler can help with your appraisals. While you may expect to have to take your pieces to their office, a good custom jeweler will always offer to come to you, understanding as they do you may be unable or unwilling to transport all of your precious pieces to their location. For older jewelry that is showing signs of fatigue rather than damage, your custom jeweler can also provide a restoration service. Perhaps the piece has been constantly worn for decades by an old relative, or has been left forgotten in a drawer for a similar length of time. Whatever its history, ask your regular go-to for jewelry repair about restoration. They will more than likely take as much joy in bringing back the sparkle to the piece as you will in seeing the end result. Re-use, re-cycle, re-set One reason custom jewelers enter the industry is because they truly care about jewelry, and will do all they can to help as many pieces as possible to look their best and find good homes. Nobody who provides jewelry repair or anywhere else does it purely for the money; it's a real labor of love. For anyone with any unwanted jewelry, this jewelers' desire to give every piece a home offers an opportunity to take them into the shop and have them assessed for sale or trade. As the jeweler will be able to give informed advice about the nature and value of the piece, and will truly care about more than the monetary value, allowing them to assess your jewelry is favorable to taking it to a pawn or cash for gold shop. If your jewelry is damaged beyond repair, your jeweler may still want to buy it from you, for the gold to be melted down or the stones removed for use in one of their new pieces.