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You're My Haven {Got7 FanFic}
Summary: Teyleigh was surrounded by people who loved her dearly. She witnessed the love blossom between her best friend Wynter, and her other best friend Jaebum. All while being oblivious to her own blossoming romance. She fought personal demons. Her reservations helped blind the fact that she too deserved the love she needed. She would soon find out that she was loved just as equally, in which he would prove, that he was her Haven. Chapter 1: ✾ You Are ✾ Teyleigh stood a good five feet even. She was tiny in stature but her attitude screamed a thousand. She was fierce and walked to the beat of her own drum. If she ever got angry, heaven forbid any chairs by; she used them to get eye level. Teyleigh was headstrong, meaning you could try to argue all day, but she'd find sheer enjoyment of the banter. Sometimes she was hard to be with, but her good qualities knocked out her bad. One thing she had to get over, was her anxiety of big crowds. Being at her friends concerts and meetings though, you'd never guess she had social anxiety. If Teyleigh loved you, she would overcome just about anything to see that you succeeded. There was a certain group she'd just about move mountains for. "Wynter, you should come with the guys and me." Wynter was her best friend. They grew up together. Wynter was the taller one, but Teyleigh was about a year older. They did everything together. Shopping, ate, school. You name it they were attached to the hip. So naturally, if Teyleigh knew people, Wynter did too. Wynter was the blunt friend; the outspoken one. She had a good heart, but she had a minimal filter. Teyleigh was quiet. She stood up for herself, but she was the quiet one. If she had something to say, then she'd say it. These two girls were like fire and ice. Opposing personalities, but they fit together well. Teyleigh had reddish auburn hair, natural wavy hair, and green eyes. She was shorter than Wynter. Fourteen year olds were taller than her. Teyleigh was clumsy, though. She had no grace at all. Wynter made sure to let her know the accident rate she collected over the days. Wynter had spiral curls, black hair, and light brown eyes. Teyleigh knew one of the guys really liked Wynter, so she wanted to make sure to include her. It was obvious to everyone but Wynter. It wasn't everyday she could play cupid and get away with it; with a popular group, nonetheless. She wanted to make sure to put the two around each other as much as humanly possible, to ensure the sparks would fly more. The fact that Wynter was Teyleigh's best friend, made her that much cooler. She truly loved Her best friend. Out of all the chaos in the world, Wynter was her happy medium. She kept Teyleigh grounded. Teyleigh was horrible at stress, but few knew that. A particular someone saw that her medicine was always taken. He knew what to look for and the tale tell signs that led to her panic attacks. Luckily, she had fewer lately. Something in her was learning new coping mechanisms; subliminally. The girls got ready to head out. What Teyleigh didn't say was that they were going to a fan meet. Sure, they knew the group personally, but they still needed to support them. Every time Teyleigh had the chance, she'd always end up at majority of the fan meets. There was never a time when she missed them. It wasn't in her blood too. She was their biggest fan, yet. It was always liberating to her to hide from them in the crowd and then walk up to them to shake their hands, explaining just how much she loved them. One, in particular, loved seeing her there. She always made his night. They were meant to be, but she was blind to see it. He wasn't though. Teyleigh was the only girl he saw in a crowd. Her smile and bright eyes. The way her cheek formed a single dimple, when she got happy. These were all things he looked forward to seeing almost every day. As Teyleigh and Wynter approached the arena, she got a sudden burst of butterflies. Surely it was just excitement of seeing her friends. This was different. She always saw them, so this would be nothing new to her daily routine. They showed the tickets to the guy at the front. It was golden from this point on. The only thing keeping them from the guys, was the concert itself. It was funny to her to see so many girls flock to the concerts. These boys were surely loved. As she called them daily, they were your average heart throbs. Teyleigh and Wynter walked through the crowd as the show was about to start. They didn't want to miss this concert. As they both neared their seats, the girls pulled out the banners they made. The lights started to go dim as thousands of other fans began screaming. It was time. The boys started to come out one behind the other. Excitement began to build up, as she saw her other favorites. They started off the concert with her favorite song, 'You are'. The vocals and rap made her heart happy. She didn't know how many times, spending the days with the boys, that she would play the song. Sometimes, they would sing it for her, especially when she would have a horrible day. That one song would ease her mind and heavy heart. "I was completely destroyed before I met you." •┈┈┈••✦✦••┈┈┈• Starting a Tag for this Ff. If you would like to be added, leave a comment ♡ ✾GOT7 FF✾ @VeronicaArtino @MelissaGarza @InfinitySky
Mark Fanfic {Got7}
If you missed the first Chapter, it is here: <One><Two> Main Characters: Teyleigh, Mark & Jackson Minor: Wynter, JB, Youngjae. Genre: RomCom •┈┈┈••✦✦••┈┈┈• Chapter 3 ❅ Denial ❅ Jackson tried everything in his power to calm her down while she was in front of him. It was as if she went into overdrive. This one tiny mess up would replay over and over, many times, until she died. That was one thing with Teyleigh. She was obsessive in some ways. She could easily stress out over minuscule things, that seemed like a huge avalanche to her. In the end, it would work itself out. That was where the boys came in, to kind of keep her grounded and calm. Jackson and Mark were the two to know her signs the most. It wasn't that the others didn't, but these two were the ones she was closest with. Jackson was there if Mark couldn't be. It was highly confusing to him why she freaked out so easily, but he did the best he could in calming her down. Mark glanced at Teyleigh. It was no surprise to the guys that he cared about her; a lot. She never gave any hints that she liked him, so he kept quiet about his feelings. One thing he didn't want to do, was to jeopardize their friendship. Just as Mark kept Teyleigh grounded, Teyleigh enabled Mark to always think positively. She was his light. Sometimes, she was the only light he had. They were good for each other. Nothing could ever stand in their way, when they both came to realize and accept their true feelings. Mark was always ready for Teyleigh, but Teyleigh was oblivious. She had never felt that emotion, so she wasn't quite sure what she was dealing with. It just drove her crazy to think of Mark as anything other than a best friend. She finished getting her things signed as she saw Wynter glowing. For once, she thought, she would like to have that same glow. It would be the best thing to experience. Wynter broke up her dreaming as she interlocked her arm. They just left. It wasn't like Teyleigh to not tell them bye. She just wanted to forget the situation all together. For now, this could be classified as the best and worst thing to happen to her all night. All year even. These boys had so many girls flocking to them, why would Teyleigh have any different reaction from Mark? He was undeniably attractive in every manner. She wasn't going to deny that. Not even a little. They both walked out of the venue, as Teyleigh checked her messages. She had zero. Not even a message making fun of her actions tonight. Maybe Mark didn't pay close attention to her. That would be a miracle. A much needed miracle, but a miracle, nonetheless. Wynter spoke of how amazing Jaebum was, that sent Teyleigh into an indifferent mind. She was happy Wynter had a blast, but she was too busy brooding over the negatives. Wynter stopped as she had a lightbulb turn on. "Oh my, how did I not see that?" Teyleigh got confused, but she had a good idea about what her friend was hinting towards. If she did say it, Teyleigh would need to put her out of her misery for talking crazily like that. She doesn't know what she was talking about. There was clearly nothing to see, other than Teyleigh making a fool of herself. "You like Mark! You never act like this in front of anyone. Be honest Teyleigh, even though I already know the answer." Just as Wynter finished her statement, Teyleigh's blood pressure started rising. It was crazy. With the mention of his name, she freaked. It wasn't as if anyone was around to hear, but Teyleigh was sure Mark had superpowers enough to hear them. She knew. "What Are you talking about, you're crazy Wyn." Her friend just stood back as she continued walking past. The sooner she got home, the sooner she could try and put this past her. Wynter ran infront of her. She blocked Teyleigh's movement. "Why are you lying to me Tey, I think he likes you." "Who are you even talking about?" "Mark, or is it someone else. Oh, I know! It's Jackson right?" Her friend was being absurd. There was no sign that she liked either of them; even remotely. This was not the conversation she wanted at the moment. She felt herself becoming emotional and overwhelmed with feelings. Wynter already knew, but also knew how Teyleigh had panic attacks. One thing she always noticed, was how Mark ran to her aide if she was having a bad day. He was the only one that could calm her down. Doctor's appointments always guaranteed his presence. Sometimes, he would speak for her and tell the medical professionals if there was a change in her attacks or moods. The boys felt like they were already together with how much they were intuned with one another. It was super strange to them to think otherwise. Jackson had to agree that they were perfect for each other. His loyalty was to her as well. Teyleigh was the only girl to make Mark this happy. If he had a choice, they'd already be married. All he wanted, was for them to come to terms with their feelings. The sooner they did that, the sooner they could confess to the world. She was sweet, wholesome and respectful. They could never have anyone better brighten their day. She was one in a million. Wynter pushed Teyleigh. As soon as she heard who her heart was for she'd let it go. Teyleigh couldn't help but smile in her mind about the boys. As soon as she met glances with Wynter, she told her what was wanted. This night made for an interesting laughing fest between the two girls. They arrived to Wynter's house as Teyleigh decided to walk her emotions off. She needed the thoughts to shut down. Walking would be the best way. Mark was visibly in her mind with every step she took. That one particular smile he gave, ingrained into her thoughts. It would take a few days for her internal freak out to end, but she would need to try and avoid the boys. Jackson ran up behind her as he broke her train of thought. "Teyleigh, you're not still freaking out are you?" "Jacky, that was embarrassing. I've never done that before." "You were precious Tey, out of your element, but precious," he reached up to pinch her cheeks. She hated him for making fun of her; even more for pinching her cheeks. Only her great Aunt had that right. He was far from being her great Aunt. She slapped him away laughing. Jackson made her laugh when she wanted to cry. She trusted him with her life. He knew she just needed company. Whether they spoke or not, it didn't matter. She just didn't need to be by herself. He didn't want to leave her anyways. This was a good distraction for her. Jackson wrapped her up as he walked with her. •┈┈┈••✦✦••┈┈┈• ❧ Fanfic Tag ❧ @MelissaGarza @Halsyeon @VeronicaArtino * If you would like to be added or removed, please let me know *
J-Hope Thursday’s! ✍️💝
Okay I really need to keep up with my cards. I'm a terrible person... Anyway some of you may know the Bts team and I are having free week! So that means we can post whatever we want! I decided to write a fanfic. I’m just gonna jump right into it since it’s pretty long and don’t want this card to go on forever! Hope you all enjoy! Forever and Always Do you know how to describe the sun? Have you ever thought of how you'd describe it? You'd probably start off by saying it's the golden medallion of all the stars, it stands out from all the other stars as it gives us light to see. It makes everyone happy when it starts creeping it's honeycomb color through the trees ready to shine the whole world with its beauty. The way it wraps us in a hug with its scorching heat that we hate to love. It's too powerful to look directly at but we still can't help looking in awe, as it's breathtaking. The way it still manages to shine through between our fingers as we try to block it out our faces. The day's that are cloudy and we see no sign of the sun is like someone taking away all your happiness and replacing it with an empty black abyss. And at the end of the day although we have to give our farewell's, it's a beautiful goodbye. It leaves with radiant colors telling us it will be back tomorrow, letting us know the darkness is over and we can smile once again. You're probably wondering why I'm talking about the sun. Well, because that's how I view him. The one I love the most in the entirety of this world. Jung Hoseok. He is the golden medallion of all the people on this earth. He stands out from everyone. He's the one that gives me light to see as the sun does to others. He's breathtakingly beautiful from his hair, to his ears, eyes, nose, the little mole above his lips, his quirkiness. Just as the sun is too powerful to look at, he too is powerful to the eyes, but I don't care. I could stare at him all day. His hugs that squeeze the crap out of me that I hate to love cause it's hard to breath when I receive them. But I can't help love them and miss them when he's gone. The day's that he's not around and I don't see him is like someone came up to me and ripped my heart out from my chest. And the times we have to say goodbye make me so sad, but he leaves with the biggest smile on his face. He lights up giving me the biggest hugs, a kiss on the cheek, telling me he'll see me tomorrow. Reminding me there's a reason to wake up and feel happy. Just looking at his face- no just hearing his name makes me happy and I feel butterflies in my stomach. Hoseok and I have known each other since we were 7. His parents had moved in the house next to mine. And since then we have been the best of friends. We went to the same schools, sat next to each other, hung out everyday, slept over each others houses although we literally lived 30 steps from one another. We would have movie marathons of our favorite old time films while eating our favorite snacks. We even went as far as working the same job. When I say we were inseparable I'm not lying. Seeing as we're super close that obviously means we tell each other EVERYTHING, no holds bar... but there's one thing I've never told him. That I'm utterly head over heels in love with him. I have been for the past 17 years. I'm way too shy to speak up. And have always been afraid of him rejecting me and feeling like an idiot for even attempting to confess. Once I did have a shot at confessing but couldn't bring myself to. It was in the 9th grade. There was this one kid that really liked me, his name was Se-Joo. He had told me his feelings. As I thought I'd never have a chance with Hoseok I was considering going out with the boy. But he started getting way to possessive, following me everywhere asking if I'd date him. He would even beat some boys up if they breathed around me. I didn't know what to do but Hoseok came in and made everything better. ~FLASHBACK~ "What?! He followed you to the girls bathroom!? This is getting out of hand! Y/N why don't you just tell him off already? Or at least tell a teacher so they can do something about it!" Hoseok said with anger painted on his face. "I don't know.. I'm just scared." You said hanging your head low. Gosh why are you such a coward all the time? Hoseok lifted your head up so you could look at him. "Don't be scared Y/N, you have me. Let's go. I'm gonna handle this on my own." He didn't even let you get a word out, when he grabbed your hand and started walking towards the school courtyard. His eyes were eagerly looking around before it landed on the one boy he wanted to take down. Before you know it the both of you were standing in front of Se-Joo, who's eyes looked as if they could kill when he saw your fingers interlocked with Hoseok's. No one said anything at first till Se-Joo finally spoke up. "What do you want? And why are you holding Y/N's hand?" "First off don't talk to me like that, I'm a year older than you, show some respect. Second I'm here to tell you to stay away from my girlfriend." Your eyes widened when you heard those words flow out of his mouth. "I've heard what you've been doing to her. So as her boyfriend I'm here to tell you leave her alone, or we'll have a problem." Se-Joo looked as if someone told him his pet hamster had died. "Wait.. I don't understand. Y/N has never mentioned she has a boyfriend, never mind it being YOU out of all people." "She's shy, she doesn't really like talking to people she doesn't know. ESPECIALLY one's that harass her 24/7." Hoseok said with his eyebrows furrowed. "I'm sorry but I don't believe you. Why are you just now telling me this?" Se-Joo questioned. Hoseok looked a bit taken aback as he wasn't expecting Se-Joo to not believe this facade. "Well I don't think it was your business to know in the first place. Also I didn't know how bad you were harassing her. Like I said, Y/N is shy and doesn't speak up a lot, so she didn't tell me a lot of what was going on. Till she finally told me today." Se-Joo looked at you, investigating your face to see if he'd see any traces of you lying. But to no avail he found nothing. "Yeah okay, sure~." He said sarcastically. Hoseok was already fed up with this kid. "Fine, think what you want, you'll see we're telling the truth. And you'll feel like an idiot. Come babe." Hoseok grabbed your hand tightly and walked away. 'Di-did he just call me babe? Am I dreaming??' You thought to yourself. After that you guys were even more inseparable. Hoseok made sure he went everywhere with you, even places outside of school. He just wanted you to be safe. He'd even wrap his arm around you and make cute little gestures as if you were really his girlfriend. Your heart would beat like crazy when he'd do that. You both even kissed about 5 times. It was mostly when Se-Joo was around so it'd look like you both were a thing. The first time Hoseok kissed you was when he saw Se-Joo eyeing you like a creep, so he took it upon himself to grab your face lovingly and whisper, "don't hate me for what I'm about to do." With that he planted a smooch on your lips. It was no more than 3 seconds but it felt like an eternity. Your breathe was taken away, the butterflies in your stomach were going insane! When he pulled away you felt a bit sad. You wanted to keep kissing him, to feel his soft pillow like lips. He looked at you with the most gorgeous smile. You looked down as you were too shy to make eye contact. You couldn't believe you finally kissed the pair of lips you've been longing for. The third time you kissed was different though. The both of you were hanging out at a cafe when in the middle of your sentence Hoseok just leaned in and kissed you. This kiss was a lot longer than the others and it felt different. A good different. It had felt like time stopped and it was just you and him. Like he was longing for this. After what felt like a minute you both pulled away. Shocked and forgetting what it was you were even talking about, you just looked at Hoseok and chuckled a bit. "Uhh what was that for? Se-Joo isn't even here." Hoseok looked around with his eyes wide, "huh?.. oh I uh I could've sworn I saw a guy that looked just like Se-Joo." He said as he scratched the back of his neck, turning red, and letting out a little laugh. After that he would start telling you that he loved you. Ever since you both were little you'd always say "I love you" to each other. But he started saying it more than usual and at random times. Even when you weren't around Se-Joo or others. "Y/N you know I love you right?" "Y/N I love you, you're the best friend ever." "Y/N I'll always love you no matter what happens. Don't forget that okay?" You wanted to say "yes I know cause I love you too. I love you to the moon and back. I love you that it hurts. I love you so much that I'd do anything for you. Even if that means having to take my life for you." But all you could muster out was a little giggle and say "I love you too Hoseok, forever and always." Hitting him playfully on the arm. After a while Se-Joo stopped bothering you and eventually he ended up moving. With him gone there was no reason for you and Hoseok to keep faking a relationship. Slowly things started to go back to normal which made you sad. You were gonna miss his cute little gestures, his sweet kisses, and how he would treat you like the only girl in the world. Although he'd still walk hand in hand with you and say "I love you" from time to time but it wasn't the same. ~END OF FLASHBACK~ And now here we are, full grown adults. Trying to get through everyday one step at time. We still lived in the same houses next to each other. Unfortunately both our fathers died two years apart, so our mothers decided to buy a house together since they've gotten so close over the years. And live the rest of their days with each other. They left both houses to Hoseok and I. "This is where you guys grew up. There are too many memories here for you both." My mom said. "Plus you are adults now. We can't force you to come with us. We trust and know you'll take good care of these houses." Hoseoks mom said with a bittersweet smile. With a last goodbye and tears we saw them drive off. Hoseok and I try our hardest to go see them every now and then. But with our lives so crazy busy we don't go as much as we'd like to. We still had our movie marathons and sleep overs.. but that all stopped about a year and a half ago. All we do now is hang out places with a huge group of friends. We don't really get time alone to just catch up with life and enjoy each other's company like before. The only thing we still do that's still like old times is sit at our windows and say goodnight to each other before we vanish when we close the curtains. Every night I lay in bed and think back to the 9th grade. I should've confessed. Even if it wasn't that time, I had plenty of other opportunities! But it's too late now... "I do." Hoseok says while his eyes sparkle looking at his bride. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mr. Jung you may kiss your lovely bride, we all know you've been waiting to." All the guests laugh as Hoseok kisses his bride ever so gently. Everyone starts clapping and cheering. I stand there looking at the scene in front of me. I start to cry as I'm so happy for my best friend. But there's a part of me that feels dead. These feelings need to go away. I can't keep hung up on something that will never happen. He's a married man now. I'm so stupid to ever think I would have something beautiful with him. My younger self really thought I had a shot. Like some type of magic would happen and I'd live in a Disney princess movie with a happy ending. I- I really thought... there was a time I thought he felt the same. His hugs and 'I love you's' felt so genuine. They felt like he really loved me, well he did.. he does love me.. just not in the way I thought he did. But I'm okay with that. I can't make him love me if he doesn't. He can't make his heart feel something it won't. And I won't force it, not like I can anyway. I just really want him to be happy. Seeing him smiling at his now wife, Ji-Hee, makes me feel so proud of him. Proud that he's found the one and will get to show his love towards her everyday. I watch as they dance their first dance, they really are a beautiful couple. They match each other so well. They are meant to be. I'm happy for the both of them. Ji-Hee is such a sweetie with a huge warm heart. He deserves someone like her. I know she'll love him to the end of the earth. You can see it in her eyes. I sigh as I take a seat at an empty table. I plop myself down and lay my head on the table, while the beautiful love song becomes muffled and the sparkly lights become blurry. I'm crying. Stop crying you look pathetic. Don't do this to yourself. What are people gonna think if they see you crying all crazy like this? Get your ass up and stop it! You're better than this... Please... Please heart stop it. I'm done feeling this pain. Before I know it the wedding is over. People start leaving one by one stopping to say congratulations to the bride and groom. "Y/N don't forget to take your wedding souvenir. And call me so we can see that new movie soon!" Yoo-ra tells me. I met her while I was passing out pieces of cake and she bumped into me causing some to fall on the floor and on my dress. She panicked and helped pick up the mess and clean my dress. We started talking after and we have a lot in common. She then invited me to her table to meet the rest of her friends. Everyone was so sweet! I ended up getting their numbers and making some plans to meet up soon. I smiled at Yoo-ra, "oh thank you, and of course! I won't forget to call! See you soon." We hugged a goodbye and she leaves making me one of the last people to leave. I gather up my things and make my way to Hoseok and Ji-hee. They're talking and laughing with each other I almost don't want to interrupt their cute moment. I clear my throat making their heads snap in my direction. Hoseok smiles brightly and walks towards me, "Y/N! I was wondering where you were. Are you leaving?" "Well yeah seeing as this place is empty now. Wow Ji-hee's really got you whipped that you don't realize everyone's gone." I laugh causing both of them to laugh along with me. "Oh he never pays attention to anything." Ji-hee says. "Hey! I do too pay attention to a lot of things." Hoseok says with a pout. "Oh you big baby~" Ji-hee playfully hits him on his arm. They cutely laugh with each other as I just stand there smiling at how in love they are. "Anyway I just wanted to say congratulations before I leave. I'm so happy for you guys!" "Thank you! We wouldn't have been able to have this wedding if it weren't for you. Thank you again for helping out, I don't know how we'll ever repay you." Ji-hee says with a huge smile plastered across her face. "No no, it was my honor to make this wedding come to life." I say as Ji-hee gives me a tight warm hug. "Well I should get going, it's really late and I have a busy day tomorrow." I say. Hoseok comes up to me and gives me one of those bone crushing hugs. Although I can't breathe I don't say anything. I know he's just happy and full of emotions. "I forgot we won't see you for a week since we're going straight to our honey moon. But once we get back we can all go out to eat and tell you all about it!" The smile I had slowly faded. Hoseok noticed and looked concerned. "What's wrong?" He asked. "About that, I actually won't be here when you get back. I'm moving tomorrow... This is probably the last time you'll see me for a while." I said with my head down. "What??" Hoseok said, I could hear his voice crack. "I wasn't gonna say anything since you're so happy, but when you said you'd see me once you get back.. I couldn't lie." "Why- why are you moving? Is something wrong?" A tear escaped Hoseok. It took everything in me to force a smile, "I just need to go somewhere. Everyone is moving ahead with life. I need to leave for a while and figure what I want in life. I need a new beginning. But it's okay! I will always come back to visit and you can tell me all about your wonderful honey moon!.. I just need this for myself. You understand right?" At this point Hoseok has tears streaming down his face. "I know, and I'm so happy you're gonna start a new chapter in your life. I'm just gonna miss you. 17 years being together. I'm gonna miss seeing you everyday. It's gonna be weird having new neighbors." "I know, I'm gonna miss you too.. please don't hate me for this." Hoseok pulls me into another hug. But it's not the normal bone crushing hug. No, this one is filled with sadness, like a hug you give when someone's leaving forever. I can hear his quiet sobs as he keeps me in his embrace for a couple of more seconds. "I love you Y/N, no matter what happens, please don't forget that." I try hard to hold back tears as I choke up my next words. "I love you too Hoseok." With that I pull away saying one more goodbye to Ji-hee and start walking away. I usually look back and wave one more time but I couldn't bring myself to this time around. Don't look back Y/N, don't look back. It'll be too hard. Just keep walking. With one last step to my car I finally let the tears out. Sobbing like a new born child I let out the words "forever and always," one last time. So there's my story! I know it was sad.. but I wanted to make it realistic cause life isn't always a fairytale. Also hope the last sentence made sense to you guys. Anyway let me stop rambling cause this card is alreadly long as it is. Have a wonderful day everyone! 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Remove Background In Photoshop 2020 Online Remove Background In Photoshop 2020 Online: Today We will show you the technique of the Remove background online in Photoshop 2020.The most common photo editing required for advertising and other purposes is to get rid of or replace the background. For advertising, It’s fairly often the primary thing needed. the varied media of advertising like newspapers, magazines, fashion magazines, catalog, posters, flyers, etc. got to do that before doing other sorts of photo manipulations. For an extended time, a rapid increase of sell through e-commerce websites is happening . As a result, requirement for product photo background removal or replacement is increasing in no time . Most of the time just removing background isn’t enough. Photographic corrections like brightness, contrast, levels, etc. etc. is required to be adjusted. If you’re not getting to do the image manipulation yourself, make certain to form confirm whether the image manipulation company goes to try to to this, as well. If you select knowledgeable graphic design firm you’ll get some corrections for free of charge . Because a reputed firm will attempt to produce the simplest outputs for the worth. Open The Image At first go to the file and open up here is a stock Image.We will crop it out at first in this portion and then just Ctrl J and then we’ll unlock this one. Delete this one and after that press Ctrl T and you can make it bigger.after that hit the tick button and then make copy by pressing Ctrl J of this layer. Quick Selection Tools Select the quick selection tool or you can press the W from the keyboard. make the bigger size b y pressing that bracket closing and just select the model Image. When you are selecting please be careful have our selection. so, don’t miss out any Image Edge of the model so carefully. you have to select this out and select Image the plus option it will select and here in the area the portion of the model. If you need you can just make the process smaller by pressing third bracket opening and just drag in the relevant area which one you want to select out. So, make it smaller and smaller as you want this portion. This portion as well if you need you can just deselect any area place the alter butter and hold it and you can deselect any area so take time to select the model and the area. it will make your photography or the manipulation work more realistic. So,select this portion deselect this one place the alter button and deselect this part. You can zoom it in or out if you need this one so here and make that radius bigger so that’s good and this Image Part. this portion as well so take maximum time to selection for the Image model. it will make more perfect for photography here this part of Image here some. We’ll select it carefully here this portion here as well and this area and the highlighted area as’s full fill from the selection here is the select and mask option control alter our position button and hold it press it. How To Hair Refine Edge In Photoshop You will take time to in actors fine here is the refine Edge in Photoshop those Edge like the hair and other stuffs. We will refine Edge these portions so the setting everything will be like that the radius will be 7 point, 9 pixel, smooth will be 35 and feather 4.2. Contrast pin D4 fifteen plus 14 and here the the layer mask and this portion which you want to more refining please drag that Image Edge. it will help you out to make in the perfection. So, if you need you can make the radius bigger. The Edge of Image is critical to select so it will define refining the edges and it will be more realistic. So, it will take time your own and give you the selection. Remove The Background And Make It Transparent In GIMP We are going to remove the background from an image and make it transparent.When we have opened Gimp, we go to file in the menu bar.Then we go to open.Search for the image that we want to use and open it. Open The Image When your image does not fit in the window,you can go to view, zoom and fit image in window.Go to layer, transparency and hit add alpha channel.In the layers panel we can see that the font changes from bold to normal.This indicates that this layer now can have transparency. Although we are going to remove the background, we are first going to select our subject.There are many ways in which we can do this.One of the easiest ways is by using the free select tool.Click in the toolbox to make it active. Hold the Ctrl key and zoom in by rolling the mouse wheel. We can click node after node to select our subject.But when you have a steady hand, you can also click and drag to make a line.Pressing the backspace key, lets us undo one or more previous made nodes.Then we can just continue. Select The Tool When We press and hold the mouse wheel down, the cursor changes into the move tool.We can then, by moving the mouse, move the image.Letting go of the mouse wheel gives us the free select tool again. Remove Background In Photoshop 2020 Online: This moving of the image, can of course also be done with the scroll bars.Usually it is best to stay just a little bit inside the boundaries of our subject,when we make a selection.Selecting hair can be a bit difficult, but later on we will see ,how we can make it look better in this particular image. When we are at the bottom of our image, we can just click outside the image and move to the other side. For the sake of the tutorial we will speed up the video until we are back at the first node. Now we click the last node over the first node.Then hit enter or double click in the selection to apply it. Go to view, zoom and click on fit image in window.With this image, there are several areas inside the selection that we also have to remove.Go to the tool options. At the mode we click on the third button, which is subtract from current selection.Select the remaining areas in the same way as you did with the girl and the suitcase. And again, we go fast forward,Click Ctrl+Sift+J to fit the image in the window. Go to select and click on feather. Select Feather We feather the selection line with 5 pixels, and click okay.In this way the edge of our selection is not so hard, but looks more natural.We have now selected the object, but we want to remove the background.Go to select and click on invert. We can see at the marching ants at the edge of the image,that the background instead of the girl is selected. Then we go to edit and click on clear to remove the background.The checker board structure that we see now, is the transparency.Go to select and hit none, to deselect the selection. Now we will work a bit on the hair, to make it look more natural. Go to the toolbox and make the smudge tool active.Then we choose brush bristles 02.Change the size to about 15 or 20. This depends also on the size of our image.Bigger image means bigger brush.Smaller image means smaller brush.Smudge the edge of the hair like so, to make it look more natural. When this is done we go to view again.Click on zoom and fit image in window.Now to finish of, we are going to export our image out of Gimp. Save Transparent In PNG Go to file and click on export as.Contrary to what you would expect, we have to go to export or export as and not to save or save as. Here we can search for the destination folder,And here we can give it a name, but do not hit enter yet. Images with transparency always have to be exported with a PNG extension to keep the transparency.So, click on select file type,scroll down to PNG image and click on it. The extension behind the image name is now changed to Png. You can also just type in the extension behind the image name. Now we can click export and in the dialog that pops up, we can just click export again.
VideoMatic Review
Hello fellow marketers, today, i would like to show you a full content of the product VideoMatic review plus its usage case using another software called My Virtual Tours, which is developed from the same product creator, Med. Basically, My Virtual Tours is a software that helps you boost interaction for a business location. In that editor, you can drag & drop elements and then insert some conversion boosting elements such as video, html code, image, button with url and a lot other things. So, to use the tool MVT, you will need to prepare a 360 Degree Image file. If you don't have one, you can record through your Mobile Phone. Inside the video editor, you can insert as many call to action elements, conversion boosting elements as you want. But things you should not forget are things like Button with Link, Optin Form & Image, Text, Button Overlay. Once you have finished the creation process, now, you have an embed code. Now, install that code into the MVT Builder. For sure, it has a place to upload html code. For video creation, you can create using their pre-made templates or to create from scratch. Just customize, insert elements as whatever you want inside this free-form drag & drop video editor with ease. Once you have finished, just click render and then you already have a ready to download mp4 video file. After that, upload that specific video into the My Virtual Tours Builder. As a result, now, you already have video inside the editor. So, whenever people view and visit your tour, they can watch the video that you have uploaded. In my opinion, this is a great technique to sell products and to engage better with audiences because you should understand that visitor engagement has a strong influence to your conversions & sales. Official Link:
6 Strategies to Get The Best Work From Your Students
In the times of modernisation with the ease of access to the internet, it has become quite tiring for the students to concentrate on school. This usually happens because of the prevalence of distractions such as scrolling on Instagram for hours at end and watching YouTube videos. Their concentration on schoolwork has become divided because of social media. If students want to achieve success, then they must learn to prioritise their schoolwork. But the question is, how can you make that possible as a teacher? Several students’ mindset towards success is achieving higher grades. While for other students, it may mean incremental participation in sports activities or other leisure activities. Teachers can help their students attain full potential, regardless of their goals and the way each measures success. Every student is unique and entertains different IQ levels. Some students possess the capability of understanding fast and memorising long chapters in a relatively shorter period of time while others have fewer skills to understand complex material effectively. In a school or a university where students with diversified mindsets are enrolled to gain an education– a teacher or a professor must learn different styles of teaching to cater to students belonging to different backgrounds. The slow learners or students with meagre IQ levels need extra attention. It is mandatory for the teacher to especially accord those students with extra time. Moreover, the strategy of punishing students for their academic flaws is quite old-school and would rather deteriorate their performance. This is why, as teachers, you must look for otherwise strategies. In this guide, we will share with you the 6 best strategies to get the best performance of your students. 1. Set High Expectations Conceive and cultivate an academically conducive environment in your classroom. This can be attained by setting high but achievable expectations for your students. Professional teachers push their students and motivate them regardless of their poor performances in the past. Along with this, a good teacher praises their students and works as a source of power and encouragement for them. Tell your students, “you are smart, and you can achieve this.” This may not work like magic and you can’t expect that your students instantly improve their performances – some students may take a while, but know this, every student wants to be told that they are smart and can achieve the best grades. If a teacher punishes their students and acts as a deterrent, telling them, “you cannot do this.” It will ultimately have a direct impact on their performance making them deteriorate even further. Also, that would demotivate them bringing their performance on a zero level. 2. Establish a Classroom Routine One of the factors that stagger the performances of the students is having no classroom routine. A classroom routine is as essential as teaching. A classroom with no scheduled routine results in undisciplined students, especially young students, misbehaving – which directly impacts their studies. One of the key ways to help students behave and concentrate on their studies is to establish a rigid classroom routine. Maintaining a classroom routine is no easy task, not even for the teachers with decades of experience. To be able to attain a compelling classroom routine, teachers should follow an outclass procedure that implements the necessary classroom ethics at the start of the school year. These procedures, if structured well can allow students to focus and concentrate on studies along rather than getting distracted. 3. Practice the 'Daily Fives' A popular norm that revolves around the teaching practices of many professional teachers boasting decades of experience is that they undertake five daily routines. In the academic world, this routine is renowned among many professional teachers. The routine reiterates; taking part in the same activity for 5 minutes in the opening of the class, and vice versa at the end of the class. The activities undertaken during these periods can be as simple as talking to your students of their interests, talking about a new movie released, or their favourite game. Once you have undertaken this routine, you must reiterate to your students, “It’s time to start now, take out your books.” If you are consistent with this activity, chances are high that it will become second nature to all your students. Moreover, in this way, students will be following a more systematic routine and know when to socialise among peers and when to concentrate and study. 4. Continually Grow in Your Profession Professional teachers enhance themselves by constantly studying and working on their shortcomings. Various studies and researches are constantly undertaken regarding professional teaching methodologies and released yearly Teaching is a dynamic career, and it is ever-changing – as technology advances, teachers must progress as well. Stay updated with the latest information regarding teaching using online journals, or join any workshop, and read ample books. These will enhance your teaching style and would make you communicate with your students better. Consequently, this will result in increased student’s interest in studies, and greater success. 5. Motivate your students Only a few teachers would not accept the fact that motivated students don’t yield impressive results. According to various studies, students who are keen to learn often end up absorbing more. This is why it has become mandatory for the teachers to learn some skills that boost the motivation of their students. Shared below are some tips to attain to motivate your students. · Plan ahead of taking a class and plan what you’d teach. And what will you discuss with your students in the class? · Heed the strengths and weaknesses of your students, pay attention to those who are weak. Praise and further motivate those who are strong. · This is more of a psychological tip. If possible, change your class’s room into a U-shape room, this makes it easier to make direct contact with your student. · Always vary your teaching styles, ensure to teach with presentations, demonstrations, group studies, and other ways. · You must revise whatever needs to be edited with your students. Put briefly, do not leave your students with piles of work to finish at home. Instead, you must be with them and help them review their objectives. For instance, if they need nursing essay writing help you must guide them and clarify all the requirements. 6. Vary Your Instruction Professional and skilled teachers learn various teaching types, as not every student is the same and each student's intelligence rates vary, so the teaching methods must also be different for all students. When you have different teaching techniques, there are a lot of chances that the performance of your pupils will improve. Instead of mastering just one teaching method, you must take a grasp of many teaching styles. In this way, your students can better understand your lectures and attain greater success. Both inexperienced or experienced teachers would improve with the aforementioned strategies. If you find any loopholes in your teaching methods, try opting for these tactics for a successful academic career of your students. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Read More Article About 10 Best Free Games in 2020
Broken Wings {Pentagon FF}
Hello guys. I started writing this fanfic since the Pentagon Maker days. I thought I lost it, but it has been sitting in my Google Drive so I read it over, and revamped it a little. Since it's Pentagon, I decided to share with you all. ━━━━━⊱✿⊰━━━━━━ Genre: RomCom, Drama Characters: Pentagon & OC Summary: Four girls were taken too soon during an accident. In order for the high angels to make it up, they offer the four a chance to start over; in exchange of them watching over 4 guys. They go through many emotions trying to find themselves and protect those that come to be close to them. One of the Angel's, Audrey, is met with new challenges. In the end, she also needs a guardian angel to watch over what she holds dear, her heart. "You girls need to straighten up. You may be new to this business, but there are rules to go by."  "Reiner, we haven't taken on any jobs yet. How else are we supposed to gain experience?"  The head angel looked the girl as he shook his head in disapprovement. She and her friends were already a handful, and rambunctious. Usually, new angels were, but these girls took the cake.  "Fine you want to get experience, I have a group of guys that will need you four to watch out for them. Make sure they stay out of trouble. Remember these names: E'Dawn, Yuto, Jinho and Wooseok."  Feeling aloof from the conversation, all Jojo and Arisa did was shrug at his comments. They didn't care either way, they were just bored.  "Yes Reiner, we will watch over them. How are we going to get close?"  "I will give you all separate identities. Your wings will disappear, but only after they see you. Which means, you'll be visible to only them for a bit."  "Wait I'm confused. Why are our wings being taken?"  "It's just standard procedure Audrey. Don't think too much into it."  Feeling a little nervous of this being her first job, she wasn't sure about the details. He guided them to a mirror, to show her the guys. Feeling as if this job was going to be fairly easy, she agreed to it. These were normal boys. No need for them to get all worked up; or so they thought. With them being idols, the girls were about to have their hands full. One caught her eye, as he was charming and had a pretty smile. She would do whatever she could to guide him and protect him.  Arisa, Jojo, and Kris agreed to their task too. Reiner knew exactly what he was doing. He had a different idea up his sleeve, though. These four girls were ahead of their time. They shouldn't have been angels yet. Not for a while at least. The only way he felt that it could be made up to them, was offering them another chance. Another chance to feel and experience what they missed out on, on wasted time. The only problem was that they would obtain new identities when they changed back to being human. He would let the four keep their bond to one another, but their memory of their past loves, friends, and family would be gone. After receiving their orders, they wondered when it would start. The sooner they started it, the sooner they could get done with it, and on to a little more of a high-end job. Feeling abnormally sleepy, they decided to rest. It was as if they had been asleep for a bit. When Audrey woke up, she was in this strange building she had never seen before. Trying to not wake her friends, she looked around. This was not where they were prior to falling asleep. This place was weird. There were doors that led to different rooms, as a guy walked past her rubbing his eyes. "Oh no no no! Where are we?"  Hearing another door opening, she tried to hide. Somewhere. As long as she could stand behind something, then maybe she could blend in. Forgetting her friends were in the room, she took off to the bathroom without realizing what room it was. She just saw an empty room and went for it. Noticing the only place she had left to hide was in the shower, she darted behind the curtain; staying as quiet as she could. Her wings wrapped around her face to conceal any sound that would escape from her lips. 'I swear to everything the first chance I get, Reiner I am going to yell at you.'  Whoever it was, clearly needed to use the restroom. Her heartbeat decided to take on the speed of a freight train, with the possibility of it shooting out her chest. She had never been frightened like that before. Audrey just didn't want to get in trouble. These guys would probably think her and her friends were crazy for being in here. Hoping for a slim chance that he didn't need to shower, was all she needed. Her friends weren't found out yet, so that was good. Hopefully, he would be on his way. She grabbed a shampoo bottle just in case she had to subdue the guy. Seeing his hand reach in the stall made her close to having a heart attack. How did this happen to her? All she was doing was sleeping.  His hand grazed her, but he didn't seem to notice. She, on the other hand, did. Throwing the shampoo bottle at him and switching sides of the stall, he paused. The shampoo was on the rack, he wondered how it hit him in the face. Audrey knew she was stuck in the stall. There would be no getting out easily. As he pulled the curtain back, she got scared. Maybe, he wouldn't see her, but again she was pretty distinguishable. This could be her chance. She readied herself, avoiding getting a glimpse of anything that could make her white wings black. When he turned on the water, she carefully started moving the curtain back just enough to slip out. As soon as he ducked his head under the water, she took her chance. He felt something brush up against him. This sent goosebumps along his body. As he pulled the curtain back, he didn't see anything but a feather. Quizzically, he picked it up noticing the soft down on it. This was not a normal bird feather, but he didn't know what kind. Deciding it could make a good luck charm, he sat the feather in the cabinet.  Audrey made it safely back into the living room. Arisa, Jojo, and Kris were hiding behind the sofas. They too found out they were far from home. She crawled over to them, ducking out of eyesight. They were still unaware that they could not be seen. "Oni. What do we do? How did this happen?"  "Oh Jojo I bet Reiner did this to us. Remember he made a comment about us earlier." Arisa peeked over the sofa to see 5 more guys walking around. She looked over to see one of them dancing. He had his earphones in and zoned out, as if he was on cloud nine. His movements were swift and graceful. She heard the others call him Wooseok. He was tall and pretty. She couldn't believe that someone like him was standing before her.  "Oh yeah. He did, didn't he," Jojo was not pleased, "well, I am going to kick him so hard. I don't care if he can hear me." Who knew what the outcome would be if they were found out? This was not their idea of a grand time. Jojo caught eye of her guy. He was short stature with a great smile. They way his medium hair followed his movements set her aback. She liked the way his eyes smiled when he spoke with his friends. These guys had no idea they had angels in the room. House even. The one Kris was sent to protect, was not the morning person. He went straight for the coffee pot. It seemed like his friends knew not to speak to him until he had a sip of coffee. Aside from being handsome, these girls didn't know what they were doing there.  Arisa got up noticing that they weren't visible to the guys. "Guys, they can't see us or hear us. Let's check this place out to get an idea of how we are supposed to watch them."  Creeping from behind the couches, they walked around the living room. Seeing records and awards on the shelves, gave them the idea that these were not normal guys.  "Wow, so they are talented. Is this why they are so high-profile?"  Audrey looked as their feathers were trailing behind. She immediately got scared. This meant that they were going to be discovered soon; but she didn't know how long they had. The guys looked confused as to how these appeared.  "Guys, look. Do we have a bird in here?" Dawn picked her feathers up particularly looking them over. Audrey's down had a emerald tint to them, which E'Dawn noticed was like the one in the bathroom. He ran back into the bathroom to compare. The girls each had different undertones to their feathers, to distinguish one from the other. Arisa had a deep-blue tint to the down, while Kristine had lavender.  "E'Dawn, I don't know. Maybe one flew in." Jojo's target noticed hers had a sky-bluish-tint.  "Guys look," E'Dawn showed them the comparison, "they are the same. What is going on? I have felt like there's a presence here lately; well besides us."  "This is too cliche guys," JinHo tossed Jojo's feather down slapping his hands, "They don't exist."  Jojo immediately got insulted that he played it off like that. How dare he say that? She existed and was real. She was gonna show him. Seeing him pick up a plate, she slapped it. A feather fell from her, right beside his feet. "Tell me I'm fake now!" She stormed off to the other side of the room.  Kris wanted to see what Yuto was looking at, so she moved closer to him. Noticing a book, she was captivated by the way he read. He looked so peaceful and at ease. She wanted to see that look everyday. Her feathers were left beside him as well.  "Guys," Yuto showed them Kristine's feather, "this feather is lavender."  "Our feathers are becoming more noticeable, what do we do?" Arisa began freaking out.  "We have to leave. Now. If we get found out, it's over. I don't know what to do. They may believe we're stalkers. Reiner, please don't let them discover us so soon." Audrey was racking ideas in her head as a plan b in case things happened. No one would believe they were Angels if they were discovered. Angels and spirits were about the same on the spectrum of unbelievable circumstances. They were real, but it would be hard for someone to wrap their minds around the possibility of guardian Angels. A knock on the door made the girls turn around. One of the guys opened the door, as a girl entered the place. E'Dawn met her with a hug, calling her Hyuna. Even her name was as pretty as she was. From all indication, she was his girlfriend. Audrey noticed the chemistry almost immediately. If Arisa, Jojo, and Kris were able to be close with their guys, then what about her? She was confused by the situation. Regardless, she wasn't going to let this hinder her job. If he needed to be kept out of trouble, then that was exactly what Audrey was going to help accomplish. She felt as if there was more of an underlying issue at hand. ━━━━━⊱✿⊰━━━━━━ Universe Council: @Halsyeon @awkwardjazzy @MaeLyn @MelissaGarza @QueenyCrossGene @SweetDuella Universe Citizens: @Josyy7 @ZephyrBlaze @Helixx @SugakookieV @IsoldaPazo @CrystalBlunt @KarenGuerra93 @LemonLassie @mitchix5 @Sailynn @EvilGenius @ibMIMI @Starbell808 @karinamiranda81 @KpopBeat @Viresse @ImHayley @KierstinAndrews @JasminMartinez @Starbell808 @SierraBecerra @CrookedShadow @PolarStarr @AkiraCornett @Changkyunie @Infinitysky @Yugykookie97 @Just2BLoved @TaylorHill5 Please let us know if you'd like to be tagged or untagged! ⊱ If you would like to be added to the story tag leave a comment below ♡
You're My Haven {Got7 Fanfic}
If you missed the first Chapter, it is here: <One> Main Characters: Teyleigh, Mark & Jackson Minor: Wynter, JB, Youngjae. Genre: RomCom •┈┈┈••✦✦••┈┈┈• Chapter 2: ❁Nerves Go Awry ❁ He looked so different on that stage. Like he never looked prior. There was a new glow about him, a new air. She admired him. The way he rapped and danced on stage, made him stand out. Particularly to have her focus on him more. These seven guys were her best friends. They were highly talented and loved by many. Teyleigh and Wynter both were in awe of the show they were putting on. She thought they always excelled, but with each show, they went above and beyond. Their stage presence was mesmerizing. The girls hoped that they weren't seen. They still wanted to make a scene at the end. After all, if they didn't pick on the boys, could it be stated that they were really friends? It was their calling. Teyleigh always made a point to surprise them at the end. Each song they performed, left Teyleigh and Wynter astonished. She saw Mark smile and wave at fans in the audience. The feelings she had were mixed. When she tried to shrug off the feelings, it got more complicated. If she had a choice, she'd want to see him like this forever. That smile he had was different than any other. She could see he was in his zone. "Marky." She admired him before getting pushed aside by a few more girls. It was normal for this behavior. The girls were serious about their tickets, most importantly the location. Fans got to pushing and shoving to get a better view. Teyleigh was in that spot. Wynter had a complete stance, so there was no getting through her. The one Wynter looked towards was the famous leader Jaebum. From the git-go, they clicked. Wynter was selective in who she spoke with or to, but with Jaebum she lost all her reservations. It also helped that he made effort to constantly keep her talking. It was as if he was interested in her. Wynter didn't care about the new feelings surfacing, if she liked someone, she didn't hide it. Of course she wasn't too bold, but she was mildly reserved. As the concert went on, Teyleigh found it complicated to notice anyone but Mark. She tried, but failed. There was a time when she did a half turn away from his direction, leaving her to stare at Jackson, but in the end, Mark stole her view once more. It was becoming rather difficult to notice anyone but him. Seeing him like this was refreshing to her soul. She didn't know she needed this before, but it was amazing. He did keep her grounded, so she was appreciative of him. Whenever there was any troubles on her mind, Mark was there. He always made sure she was okay. The concert felt like it didn't last long enough. She wanted this night to replay in her head, over and over. Imprint it into her brain. Luckily, she had it recorded on her phone. Maybe then since she couldn't keep her eyes off Mark, she'd be able to see the concert again in a new perspective. They were dynamite performers, but she already knew that. Teyleigh saw Wynter caught up in the moment. It was apparent who she liked. She had envisioned Wynter and Jaebum dating long before they met. She was just ecstatic that they hit it off so well. Teyleigh could now add powerful cupid to her resume. As Teyleigh interlocked her arms with Wynter, now was the chance for her to do the hi-touch with the boys. Just as suspected, Mark was at the end. She was going to make sure she stopped by to see the others, but Mark came first. While she was waiting in line, the butterflies happened to a terrifying extent. With each fan moving closer, her cheeks got flushed, as her palms got sweaty with the onset of her nerves. 'What is going on? This isn't normal,' she slowly tried to calm herself down. Mark would not need to see her like this. Ever. He was just her friend. One of her best. It was so strange to her, to have this reaction towards him. Never in a million years would she ever have imagined this to happen. Teyleigh walked up to the table and everything she had planned went out the window. All of the funny commentary was gone. He gave her that smile. That one smile to set it off. To make matters worse, she tripped and stumbled into the table. "Hi there, I think you've been waiting to speak to me?" She just smiled. No words were coming out. This was strange and unlike her. She wasn't bashful, not even a tiny bit. Especially not to him. "Oh! Yes, I have. I'm your biggest fan, so you're welcome." It also didn't help that when she opened her mouth, she made little to no sense. At least she got him to laugh. That was helpful, and less embarrassing. He grabbed her hands as she died a little. Everything that she thought was cheesy, was becoming the definition of her life. The others just stared watching this short-of-catastrophic event just unravel. Jackson was the second one to know her signs of panicking. She was panicking. While she wanted nothing more than to take up all his time, she needed to climb herself out of the deep hole she felt she had dug. "Excuse me miss?" Jackson called her over to calm her nerves, "Are you okay Tey?" She snapped out of it. "What the hell is my problem? That was embarrassing. Be honest, who all saw this?" He started laughing. She had lost her mind. It was too coincidental. It would give him great ammo later if needed. He didn't mind that at all. Teyleigh was jealous. Jealous that Wynter had a flawless hi-touch with JB. It simply wasn't fair. She had never acted this way and wasn't happy. Why was she starting now? Knowing her luck, someone probably recorded this. Mark couldn't help but to look over at Teyleigh while she was brooding over the situation. Teyleigh thought she messed up, but Mark thought this was a cute side to her. He never saw her get so flustered and act like that. It was adorable. She thought this was a flop, but it worked out in her favor. •┈┈┈••✦✦••┈┈┈• ❧ Fanfic Tag ❧ @MelissaGarza @Halsyeon @VeronicaArtino If you would like to be added to the Tag, please let me know ♡