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www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
CHINGUS ,AQUI LES DEJO UN POCO MAS DE NUESTRO LEE JOON..DISFRUTENLO....@jmilyvp @kyssmin @Eliz @nidiadomnguez @xiiilllo @kayguajardo @analuna @neishacasiano @Christy @divalycious @masriDaniela @stephiikins..
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I love this guy, so sexy, strip dance is ..wowwww, neurons running faster about him, I want a korean man like him..hahahah.
@tyta468 hahaha oppa came in barefoot friends rememberit was funny i felt bad 4 oppa lol he was cutte and charming but embarrased bcs of the way he tried to dive while dancing lol but i liked it a lot i wd give oppa 10 points ;-) hahas my oppa he is lovely ♥♥♥
@tyta468 i think it was the best dive i cant forget it only he can do dat but judges dont knw at all oppa is unique talented and sexy i love him u have 2 rmmbr dat part oppa took of his shirt 2 just 4 extra points lol it didnt work but it was just the best part in barefoot friends :-D♥♥
I'm still watching barefoot friends, but is not more hyung joong.hopefully he come back soon..
@tyta468 i stop but i will continuei still have 2 c my oppa cute moments i missz it a lot a lot i will continue i think i was up2 ep 22 i guess but barefoot friends i am really thankful 2 the show my oppa was able 2 the things he cd nvr even think of doing bcs he is a celebrity but the show made it possible and we got 2 c soo mamy sides of oppa hyun joong oppa learned a lot i amreally thankful 2 the show and oppa will come back its suppose 2 be 100 so i think oppa will definitely come back after IG :-) i am waiting 4 oppas return 2 in barefoot friends :-)