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MY OPPA IS JUST LOVELY AND ADORABLE SHOO SHWEET AND SHOO FUNNY IAM SOO HAPPY 2 FALL IN LOVE W HIM I WISH I CAN FIND SOMEONE LIKE HIM AS MY FUTURE PARTNER OPPA PRAY 4 MEE AND I WILL DFNTLY PRAY 4 U 2 HAVE THE BEST LIFE PARTNER HEHES LOVE YOU SOO MUCH <3 <3 to all iinternational fans plzzz listen to my oppa call him oppa or hyun joong ah don't call him hey hehes call him oppa he likes it hehes my oppa <3 <3 <3 yes u r my oppa <3
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this guy is really great coz he is mixing between sexy body and innocent mind and heart
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