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I would like to congratulate Ji Hyun Woo oppa and Yoo In Na unnie as they embark in a new adventure together making lovely memories along the way while also caring and being affectionately in love with each other.....Inhyun couple is one of a kind for they also made other people become courageous and fearless, being able to profess their feelings to each other in public, not afraid of the consequence and going towards what they want because their hearts tell them so.... Therefore INHYUN COUPLE FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S: Dont mind those people who are against your happiness, they might criticize or say bad things about you two but in truth they are just jealous because they can't find the happiness both of you's have.... so dont let them get in your way and cherish each other!!!!!!!!!!
Best wish for both of you, my Inhuyn couple!!
inhyun couple FIGHTING!!!