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Ok seriously who is LMH's stylist for this drama I need to find her/him and bash him/her up I mean seriously they are better ways to keep someone warm and toasty
@maeguasque I didn't say aniyin about a neck cast,but I'll just 4give the stylist for the fatal error
@gbhemmy...the car incident just happen and Kim Tan was found in the police can you put a cast when you are still under police investigation..i agree..the jacket is too lousy...and Kim Tan is bruised all over.......but he is still cute!!! He did carry it well...dont you agree??? PEACE!!
@maeguasque there are better ways to hide a broken neck,if he's trying to hide his broken neck its not working cos that sweater just screams 'hey look at me,I'm trying to hide something' a simple turtleneck wud have done the trick
ha ha ha...good comment @dramacrazy...
that stylist needs to be fired and never rehired. The ugly sweaters, the ugly print shirts, ugh! ugly, ugliest, uglier, ugliness, feo, feisimo!!!!!
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