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Aloha Monbebe Ohana!!!

Ok so I want to thank VINGLE for the opportunity to run another community. and hopefully I get TOP again. I know this will be a slow start to community. but I believe after the holidays it will be better. I have a good team. we are try something a bit different as to where we each have 2 members to post for that week. so that way the members get twice the love. we are still looking for one more person to join in on the fun.
Now I dont think I have anymore to say about myself as I believe I have told u pretty much a lot. and I dont think anyone really cares to much besides a few lovely people.

So on to the good stuff as like when I got into the group, and who is my biases. so i was into the group from day one. my main bias is Son Hyun Woo aka Shownu. he is just a loveable teddy bear with a sexy body and dance moves. my other bias is Minhyuk. he is the fun loving type. although Jooheon has been trying to creep on the list. idk he may end up on there one day. we shall see since I will be posting for him.

be on the look out for Dimple Jooheon Wednesday
and Teddy Bear Shownu Sunday

if any of you lovely monbebes want to be tagged in out post please let us know in any of our comments.

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~Vingle Ohana~

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