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fromis_9 [프로미스나인] 181217 2019 Global Vlive Top 10 시상식 투표 진행중 ~

[fromis_9] 2019 Global Vlive Top 10 시상식 투표가 진행 중입니다! 많이 참여하기로 약속♥

- 투표부문: <Rookie Top 5>
- 투표기간: ~12월 31일 24시
- 9개 항목을 모두 선택해야 투표 완료



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"V" is an app that lets you watch the personal broadcasting videos of celebs on your phone. You can follow your favorite celebs, watch their videos, and use comments and ‘hearts’ to share your thoughts and feelings with others. Your activity such as watching videos will affect your "Chemi-beat" for the celeb; we plan to provide benefits to active users who enthusiastically participate in the activity. Scheduled shows will be listed on V before they start; however, shows that a celeb personally broadcasts can be on air without any advance notice. Enjoy watching live broadcasts of your favorite celebs on V! * Follow Celebs Pick your favorite celebs and follow them. You can receive the notifications of upcoming broadcasts of celebs you follow on V. The more you watch the videos of a celeb, the higher you get "Chemi-beat" for the celeb. * Popular Channels BIGBANG,SMTOWN,BTS,YGFamily,iKON,Apink,WINNER,GOT7,INFINITE,BTOB,BEAST,AOA,SISTAR,CNBLUE,miss A,Girl's Day,2PM,JYPnation,4minute,VIXX * Upcoming You can see the schedule for all upcoming broadcasts on V. Don't miss the broadcast with your favorite celebs! * Popular In the Popular tab, you can see the most popular videos on V. Videos containing a lot of hearts are automatically displayed in the Popular screen; tab the heart as many as possible if you like what you are seeing. * What does "Chemi-beat" mean? As a short form of "chemistry beat," the V team coined the word "Chemi-beat" to express the relationship index between a celeb and me as beat count. Following celebs and watching videos (live or recorded) are ways to increase your "Chemi-beat." We plan to provide additional benefits based on "Chemi-beat" in the near future. When APP could not be installed, device setting -> Selecting Google play from APP menu and retry after deleting data. • Camera (required): This lets you take photos or record videos to share on the profile or boards. • Microphone (required): This lets you record sound of your videos to share on the boards. • Phone (required): This lets V LIVE recognize your device using the device ID when enabling automatic login, sending push notifications, or watching paid content. • Storage (required): This lets you publish photos on your device to the profile or save them to your device.
V LIVE - Star Live App​​ - Apps on Google Play


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