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New Fanfiction: Redrum Queen
Hello everyone. I finished the first Chapter of my new Fanfiction today. I am going to try and be vigilant in posting an update weekly. Since I'm out of work for a while, it should be possible. ━━━━━༻❁༺━━━━━ Summary: Many years of being alone began to wear on Gackuto. Wanting to find something more, he starts looking for the lady he can grow with. Astrid, another that has eyes for him, will see to it that either she has him, or noone else can. His brother Hyde help him on his journey to find the girl that is suitable to be his Queen, while battling his own challenges. Characters: This story will contain adult content: language, violence, scenes, possible smut. (This is my forewarning to you) It's a vampire story yes, but these vampires don't sparkle.  If you don't know, Gackt and Hyde are JRock Idols. I felt they fit the script of being lead in this genre. (This was the original Cover before I changed it) Characters: Gackuto <-Next in line to obtain the title Prince. Feels a void after centuries of being alone and not finding the right person to make his queen. Is particular about characteristics of a mate, but that changes when he meets a lady that challenge his entire outlook.  Hyde <- Younger Brother to Gackuto. Playboy usually not one to want to settle down. Has some animosity with his older brother due to past issues. Other than the few things, he pledges loyalty and stands by his brother no matter what. Is faced with a challenge that he must take care of.  Astrid: Chosen by Gackuto's family as a prospective mate. She's arrogant, prissy, and looks down on others. Hyde can't stand her. Gackuto doesn't see her like that. Astrid believes Gackuto should be only hers. Gets Jealous when another steals his attention.  Aella: Bartender oblivious to the fact of Gackuto and Hyde. Does have a dark past and comes from a broken home. Steals the attention of Hyde and Gackuto both. Ends up having to fend off Astrid's conniving ways to survive this crazy romance.  ━━━━━༻❁༺━━━━━ Chapter 1: The Search Begins As another victim fell to his demands and wiles, Gackuto stood at the window looking out. Lately, these girls were too easy. He got bored easily with how they fell into him so quickly. Hyde, his best friend and brother, even felt the same. For once, they would like a little resistance. At least to find someone who would be hard to win over. After all, that worthy never came easy. Even their parents taught them this hundreds of years ago. It was about time they saw this for themselves.  Hyde finished his last sip as he put the cup down, wiping the bit of blood from the corners of his mouth. This was strange for his brother to stare out for this long. He could hear his thoughts. Gackuto wanted to find something more than a feast. He was the first Prince in line, he needed to find a woman to make his. The problem would be where? Sure they went to countless parties to mingle, but no one there sparked his interest. He felt that if he needed someone, the first impression needed to be electric as well. Hyde, however, was the playboy that liked being alone. He was the second son, so he wasn't next in line to his lineage; Gackuto was. Being next in line was more of a pain than anything. A lot of responsibilities rested on the shoulders of that next in line. Those Hyde wasn't ready for. He would help Gackuto find her. There was something about seeing his big brother brooding to make a bad day.  "Listen brother, we'll find her for you."  "Yeah? Are you sure Hyde," never taking his eyes from the distance, "where's she at? Dad and mom expect me to find someone. I don't like those they chose for me, so I have to do the leg work." "Ooo you actually having to do work, that is pretty scary. For once, things aren't handed to you. Tragic."  That broke Gackuto's concentration. His little brother seemed bitter. That was pretty much the norm lately, not knowing the issue at hand. Either way, it was going to be different trying to find someone suitable to take as his. He just needed to figure out who and what he wanted, as far as characteristics went. One thing was for sure, the one had to not have a lot of baggage. She needed to, at most, be a single  child or the black sheep of her family. This would help the day Gackuto would take her, she'd have nothing left behind. This would kind of start a new life for her. Everything would be taken care of by him, but she needed to have this one thing in order.  Hyde knew Gackuto had a thing for girls who were tall with Black hair. Blue eyes were his favorite. The way he described them, oceans of blue, made his dead heart tick. These would be the things he'd look out for, for his big brother. Downstairs, they heard their parents shuffling around getting ready for yet another party. Determination was their middle name. This hunt would go on forever for their parents as well. They had someone completely different in line for Gackuto. The Camui Family loved Astrid. She was headstrong, brilliant, talented, and prissy. Everything they felt was good for Gackuto. Hyde hated her. She was a bitch from the word go. He never liked to refer to women that way, but the shoe fit her. Astrid thought she belonged on a pedestal, and thought Gackuto should hoist her up there. Gackuto wasn't feeling her at all. Hyde and Gackuto had differences of opinions of girls, but this was one opinion that they could agree on. She kept her reputation as a modern-day Elvira, which was notable, but too flashy to Gackuto. He liked discretion, she was not about that. Afterall, they needed to blend in not to tip anyone off of their family secret.  Gackuto reached over the back of the chair as he pulled the jacket to his back. Hyde was adjusting his tie in the mirror. Time was nearing as they felt a lot of presence downstairs. They both exited the room as they looked down below to close to a hundred people.  "Great, this is their way of saying choose." "You see choices, I see feasts," Hyde let out a chuckle as he hit Gackuto on the chest.  They descended down the stairs, noticing the different people their parents invited. It was pretty impressive that there were a lot of new faces. How they did it, was beyond them. Over at the bar, Hyde noticed a new face that had never been around before. She was the bartender, slinging drinks. From first impressions, she was feisty; able to take shit thrown at her. Her style was edgy. Purple hair flowed to the bottom of her shirt tail, with white at the tips. He couldn't see her eyes, but from a distance they looked dark. Gackuto hadn't caught glimpse of her yet, but Hyde felt it would end all. As Hyde neared the bar, her voice was sweet. She was also shorter than he pictured. Maybe too short for Gackuto. Once she met eyes with Hyde, it was for certain. She was what he was looking for, for Gackuto. If not Gackuto, even himself. He could see her on his arm. "Whisky tonic." Hyde sat directly in front of her.  The bartender reached down grabbing a glass and the top shelf whisky simultaneously. She poured the tonic as she slid the glass to him. Grabbing it, he noticed her eyes were dark. Just as he thought.  "You've never been here before. Are you new?" Hyde sipped his drink as he inquired about the bartender.  "Well, I own the company your family uses, but everyone walked out on me, so here I am."  "Hyde, it's a pleasure m'lady," he held his hand out as she met his eyes.  "Aella. The pleasure's mine." As she grabbed his hand, he turned it over lightly placing a kiss on top. This was something she never experienced or expected. He had a sense of nobility about him.  "Ah, Whirlwind."  "I'm sorry?"  "Your name, Aella is Grecian. I believe it means whirlwind." Looking over, Hyde noticed Gackuto and Astrid talking as they were approaching the bar. Hyde wanted to see Gackuto's reaction. In his mind, he pictured Gackuto instantly falling. In reality, Gackuto blew her off. It floored Hyde. He normally wouldn't be wrong in choosing girls for his brother. Gackuto ordered a bloody Mary for him, and a martini for Astrid.   "Oh my God, you have a job looking like that?" Astrid pointed out her nose piercing and Marilyn piercing.  "Just as you can walk around looking like a very pale, over-used old porcelain doll. I guess it's allowed."  Hyde choked on his drink as he had to swallow back laughter. Even Gackuto had to keep his composure. It was rude to laugh at the price of others. Aella walked to the other end of the bar as she took more orders. Never in their long life have they ever seen Astrid shut down. This was the first, possibly not the last time either. Astrid stood there appalled that the bar wench had the nerve. She waited until Aella walked back around to refill Hyde's drink.  "I bet you must feel wonderful being a bar wench."  Aella straightened her back a bit furrowing her eyes. This woman was pushing her buttons from the beginning.  "It feels great actually, I like my hours and I choose where I work. Must be pretty easy being a bitch though. You excel at it. Bravo," she began slowly clapping as another customer called her over.  She's fucking perfect, Hyde thought. He liked her grit and zero fucks she was giving to Astrid. One of a kind. If Gackuto didn't want her, then he would take her.  Gackuto was noticing her attitude. He still had the image of someone completely different though. He wasn't sure if he could sway from that. Not even in the slightest. Hyde approached Gackuto, wanting to get his thought on Aella.  "She's definitely different brother, but not what I'm looking for."  This shocked Hyde. He didn't even get the chance to ask. That damned brother of his must've heard his thoughts. Sure she was unconventional, but that is what he thought Gackuto wanted in the first place. Hyde looked over at the sassy woman as he imagined her as a match to either of them. She would work. Gackuto just needed to see that as well. Hyde felt insulted rather Aella wasn't in his sights. As he took another sip, Astrid and Gackuto walked to the middle of the room to meet up with his parent's.  Aella laid another glass in front of him, "How do you put up with her?" "I tune her out, or stab my ears; whichever comes first. You held your own with her, good job." "I had to handle stuck up women all my life, what's a spoiled brat to the mix, right?"  "Did that hurt when you got them done?"  "Can you keep a secret? It's not real, they're sticky rhinestones. I'm too much of a chicken to put holes in my face."  Hyde started laughing as Aella showed him the stones.   "They look real."  The two started laughing as Gackuto finally looked over at her. She hadn't smiled the entire time they saw her. Aella smile was radiant. He also saw her take the rhinestones off her face.  It felt superficial to him to not like her due to piercings, but he wasn't a fan of them. Mostly since it was a fairly new thing that happened hundreds of years after they were born. It was true she wasn't his ideal mate, but there was no denying she was beautiful in her own right. The fact that she was getting along with his brother was also a plus. That was something Astrid couldn't say.  Gackuto walked over to the bar as he sat next to Hyde. He just wanted to be around her presence momentarily. When Aella handed him a glass, she met his gaze. This would be the deciding factor in what his next move would be. Never breaking his gaze, Aella just stood there. She felt awkward more than anything, that this stranger was trying to stare a hole in her head. She wasn't used to that. It usually was just her trying to fend off drunks and see to it they had cabs called for them. Not someone with intense eyes.  Hyde felt some type of way, he thought she wasn't Gackuto's type. He wasn't sure whether he should be happy or a little annoyed Gackuto was starting to try to decide to warm up. Again, he felt like they were about to be rivalling. Just like old times. The last time they fought over something, was when they were little. Hyde had a toy he cherished for himself, that his older brother paid no attention to at first. After time of seeing how much fun and entertainment Hyde had, Gackuto finally showed interest. Gackuto being the eldest, staked claim to it. Hyde got that same feeling. It left him with anger and sadness. By no means had he claimed her yet, but with the way Gackuto shoved her off in the beginning, he only felt it was fair game for him to make her his instead. By family Creed, the eldest decided first choice; regardless of any fine detail earlier. So, Hyde had to wait until Gackuto threw her out before he could chase, if he threw her out.  That honestly probably wouldn't be an option, Hyde already read into her. She had a past that was dark and that intrigued him the most. She was a lost soul, looking for the better form of life. Her home was broken, had been for a while, so she was as great prospect as any. He knew as soon as Gackuto did a reading on her, it'd be game over. Hopefully, something would happen to prevent it. At this time, he wanted Astrid to show up.  "Gackky, are we gonna dance or not?"  It seemed as fate was on his side for once. Gackuto slowly got up to lead Astrid to the floor, but not without a smirk crossing his face. Hyde watched as nonchalantly as he could. Any and every thought he had, he had to keep it to himself; lest he wanted Gackuto knowing. He saw the concerned look on Aella's face. It would seem she was more fearful of Gackuto. That never happened.  "Don't mind him, he can he a little intense sometimes. Are you okay?"  "I'm peachy, thanks. Another?"  Aella started pouring his drink as she got lost in thought. The interaction between her and Gackuto messed with her mind. She felt strange. Definitely different from what she did before. Hyde would have to make that decision to fight with his own brother, or yearn for her from afar. She glanced up at Hyde as he substantially cleared her fears. That was a strange experience as well. One guy stirred a storm, as the other calmed it. One would make her his Queen.  ━━━━━༻❁༺━━━━━ If you would Like to be added to my Fanfiction Taglist, let me know ♡
Best 7 Ways To Get Gluten Out Of Your System Faster
Gluten is not safe for most people, especially those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity, should avoid it. Also, it can cause various symptoms in those who are sensitive to it, including gastrointestinal distress, headaches, exhaustion, weight loss, and even dermatitis. But accidentally if you take gluten, then what will be the situation? Will your body consume as like as the other protein? No, your will take more time than the usual. So, the question is “How To Get Gluten Out Of Your System Faster?” Well, this article will provide some simple tips to help you eliminate gluten from your diet. What Is Gluten? This term refers to the proteins present in a variety of wheat (such as Durum, Einkorn, and Emmer), as well as barley (such as Semolina and Spelt) and the rye-barley hybrid triticale (a cross between Durum and Rye). Gluten acts as a binder to hold meals together, preventing them from crumbling. A wide variety of foods can contain gluten, including some that you might not expect. How To Get Gluten Out Of Your System Faster? Follow this rule to make your body gluten-free within a short time. 1. Stay Hydrated! The most straightforward and most efficient strategy to flush out gluten from your system is to drink a lot of water throughout the day. To aid your digestive system and stay well hydrated, drink a glass of water around every half hour or so. 2. Exercising Regularly Regular physical activity can help alleviate stress and anxiety, as well as the harm that stress and anxiety can do to your body's systems and systems in general. Gluten addiction is generally triggered when you feel like you need to consume anything with gluten in it because it makes you feel better. 3. Consume Fermented Foods When it comes to eliminating gluten from your diet, fermented foods are an excellent option since they include digestive enzymes and bacteria that assist your gut health. The nutrients in these foods are also relatively high, so they're good for your general health. 4. Probiotics Are Good For You, So Eat Them! Probiotics are a type of healthy bacteria that are particularly beneficial to the digestive system. These can be pretty helpful in the removal of gluten from the body. Over time, consuming gluten-containing foods can cause significant harm to your gut flora. 5. Inflammation Should Be Reduced Gluten causes inflammation in the stomach, leading to various health issues. An essential first step in eliminating gluten from your system and restoring your health is to minimize inflammation in the affected area(s). 6. Take Extra Time To Rest And Sleep When you go to sleep, your body can recuperate and detoxify itself. For your body to fully heal and return to its normal health after being negatively impacted by gluten, you should not continue your vigorous daily activities. Faster or slower, your body can flush away gluten depending on how much sleep you get each night. 7. Stay Away From Gluten-Containing Foods However, you must be vigilant about the meals that you purchase to avoid any items that contain gluten. Check for phrases like "nongluten" on the labels and see whether they include any processed sugar, which should be avoided. Also, you can use awesome non gluten Japanese rice flour on your daily diet and thus can avoid glutenous foods.