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Any EXO-Ls On Vingle?

So... I was curious...

How many EXO-Ls are here on Vingle?

I'm talking about EXO-L, not multifans or part fans of EXO.

I mean actual EXO-Ls.

Me, myself, I love EXO. I can live and breathe EXO but I am a good fan of other artists. I don't consider myself a multifan but I'm not blind to see what they are up to or what's going on with their careers. Because if it weren't for Jay Park, Kim Hyung Joong, or CNBlue, or even Monsta X & GOT7, I wouldn't have gotten into kpop and Fell in love with EXO.


And if you don't mind being added to a tag list

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I know about all that. Like I said, I was into those groups BEFORE I found EXO. CNBlue will be 10 years old next year. My question is, are there any EXO-Ls on Vingle. Just straight EXO ONLY FANS. Because from what I understand, that what EXO-L is. And it's not that I don't appreciate the multi-fans, because you all work hard to keep up on everyone but I was just wanted to know if there were any straight up hard EXO-Ls on Vingle. If you want to label me a multi fan just because I appreciate other artists music, then so be it. Then I'm a multifan. And EXO is my Bias group. There is No One more important than them. So I apologise for upsetting anyone with my question.
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