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11. Chic Style Hyun Bin and Park Shi Hoo represent all the guys of the world who smell like they just stepped out of showers and sprayed cologne. They're the guys who pay attention to detail, care about their appearance, and have more name brands in their closets than all the stores on Fifth Avenue combined. If you're all about the flash, this is the style for you. 12. KrisE the author ... Her style is a combination of Under Weight Model, Pretty Boy and Dongsaeng; that's why Lee Jong Suk is practically my boyfriend because he embodies everything I like. HERE is "divalycious' i.e my personal fav's ... 13. The Napuun Namja Kim Woo Bin does this best ... the bad boi ... we just love ... he's playful ... mysterious ... brooding ... will def take you on a wild ride ... bring him home to mum n you will get ceremoniously kicked out. 14. Brooding/Tormented Artist This is just me saving the "BEST" for last. The ever effervescent Jung Yong Hwa always seems to have a hint of melancholy around his eyes. Mum's all around the world would just L-O-V-E him ... if he ever say's to me, " 그대로 날 따라와" "geudaero nal ttarawa", I'll simply say "예" ... :D
si hoo..
my choice--- the first one bennie and sihoo:*
hyun bin & kim woo bin
so hard to make choice from this collection
I absolutely love Lee Jong Suk too,but he's an oppa to me though not dongsaeng.Lol