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Can you believe it? Actress Park Shin Hye, currently star of the hits SBS drama “The Heirs,” has already been in the industry 10 years! Her agency, S.A.L.T. Entertainment, released photos today of its actress celebrating her 10-year debut anniversary on the set of “The Heirs.” In the photos, Park Shin Hye holds a pink cake and bouquet that were given to her at the surprise congratulatory party. In one of the photos, Park Shin Hye also stands side by side with actor Kang Ha Neul who is also appearing along with her in “The Heirs” in the role of Lee Hyo Shin. park shin hye 10 years 2 S.A.L.T. Entertainment also released a collage image of the actress on their official blog, which shows Park Shin Hye in her first drama, 2003′s “Stairway to Heaven,” alongside an image of her in her latest drama, “The Heirs.” She has always been adorable, but she has also matured into a beautiful young woman, hasn’t she?