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1. Speak pidgin. Before you come over, pick up a book on pidgin and learn a few phrases. All the locals speak English, but, as in most countries, attempting to use the local dialect opens all sorts of doors. Work on the accent too, as you don’t want to sound like an idiot. 2. Don’t be afraid to call people off waves. 3. Drive fast. A good swell won’t last forever, and when it turns on, you need to hit the water post haste. 4. Leave your bottles at the beach. A lackluster economy and high cost of living mean that more people than ever before are making ends meet by recycling the detritus of visitors. Rather than tossing your rubbish and keeping the beach clean, leave those empties sitting in the sand. You’ll help support local families, and save yourself the effort of walking 50 yards to a trash can. 5. Make lots of eye contact. When you’re out having a few drinks after a long day ripping, be sure and make friends. 6. Smoke weed everyday. The North Shore has some of the best pakalolo in the world. The only problem is finding it. Luckily, for those in the know, there’s an awesome little centralized drug market were you can score whatever you want, fairly priced and at no risk to yourself. Just head on down to the Haleiwa Harbor after sundown. Knock on car windows until you find someone who’s open for business. For a true Hawaiian experience, ask if they’re holding any batu.
pretty ridiculous
It's what they call the jargon in Hawaii. It's like calling a British policeman a bobby
speak pidgin? what language is that