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Personally, I think that the way the Denver Post is going about this is perfect. For legalization to really take off in the US I think there needs to be some professionalism and credibility surrounding the marijuana industry. This is the first step towards showing the American people that this is a legitimate industry, not just one for stoners to exploit. I think addressing the issues head-on will work. The first thing Mr. Baca said is that he has smoked before but never intends to write under the influence. The Denver Post still has a strict no-drug policy at the office. "Newspaper editors typically operate behind the scenes, overseeing reporters inside the newsroom and outside the spotlight. But since Ricardo Baca was named the marijuana editor of The Denver Post last month, he has been celebrated across the globe. He has appeared on CNN and “The Colbert Report.” Long-lost high school acquaintances have surfaced, with one inviting him to his friend’s basement for a smoke. Emails have flooded in from freelancers and readers, offering up their expertise on the subject matter. “We’re taking an extremely credible, professional approach to this,” Mr. Baca said. “I was surprised that it was such an immediate punch line.”"
cool, good to see this going more mainstream